4th International Symposium on
Bioreactor and Bioprocess Fluid Dynamics
Edinburgh, UK: 1-3 July 1997

Bioreactor & Bioprocess Fluid Dynamics

Most biological processes carried out in industry are influenced by the relationship between the biological entities of interest and the fluid dynamic regime imposed on them. In bioreactors, for example, fluid dynamics, oxygen transfer and mechanical stresses affect the operation of processes as diverse as animal cell culture and mycelial fermentation. In biotransformations, the stability of support materials for cell and enzyme immobilisation is highly dependent on the fluid dynamic regime whilst phase inversion in aqueous/organic systems is influenced considerably by the shear applied to the mixture. In the downstream processing area, fluid dynamics considerations are of importance in the design of operations for cell disruption, recovery of intracellular components, membrane separations and flocculation.

The efficiency of many bioprocesses used in environmental engineering and water treatment depends on fluid dynamics. The food and drink industry has many examples of important and difficult mixing and rheological problems. In the area of new biological advances, the handling of very large biological molecules (such as DNA for use in gene therapies) on a process scale presents new challenges since these entities can be both very shear sensitive and highly fouling in conventional equipment. Ultimately, the success of a bioprocess at any scale is dependent on bringing together, economically, a suitably succession of fluid dynamic environments for each stage of operation.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available from Mrs Marian Rolfe containing the following papers.

Stirred Bioreactor Systems

The effects of mixing modes on recovery of Xanthan Gum by precipitation
XM Zhao, HW Ma, X Li, R Ban; Tianzin University, PR China
Mixing in fungal (A. niger) fermentations using dissimilar impeller systems
W Bujalski, P W Cox, C R Thomas, A W Nienow, University of Birmingham, UK;
M A Priede, Experimental Plant of Biochemical Preparations, Latvia; U E Viesturs, State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia

Mass Transfer Studies on Cynara Cardunculus L & Centaurea Calcitrapa Suspension Cultures. The Influence of Oxygen - Vectors
M E Lima Costa, Universidadé do Algarve, S Raposa, A Clemente, INETI-IBQTA; M S S Pais, Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa; J M S Cabral, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Impact of mixing and polymer addition on the flocculation of high-concentration cell debris
S Stocks, C M McFarlane, University of Birmingham; D MacKay, BIOSEP, AEA Technology UK

Food Processing

Effect of impeller geometry on the production of aroma compounds by Trichoderma Harzianum
R D Godoy-Silva, L Serrano-Carreón, E Galindo, Instituto de Biotecnolgía; G Ascanio, Centro de Instrumentos, Mexico
Ultrafiltration of fruit pulps
F Chiampo, R Conti, Politecnico di Torino, A Occelli, Allione SpA Industria Alimentare, Italy
The effect of the fluid dynamics of yoghurt on the final product quality
J Otten, Z E H Otten, C P Verheij, F D Zoet, H J L J van der Linden, Institute for Dairy Research (NIZO), The Netherlands

Non-Stirred Bioreactors

Fabrication and characterisation of Agar/Zircon sand composite absorbents for protein recovery in liquid fluidized beds
J Zhu, Chengdu University of Science and Technology, China; A Lyddiatt, A W Pacek, A W Nienow, University of Birmingham, UK
High density culture of hairy roots with a radial flow reactor
S Tone, M Kino-oka, Y Hitaka, M Taya,Osaka University, Japan

Physical Aspects Of Non-Stirred Bioreactors

Airlift reactors for wastewater treatment: Enhancing flexibility through improved turndown ratio
Y Chisti, F Wenge, M Moo-Young, University of Waterloo, Canada
New experimental results on the mass transfer from single oxygen bubbles into water as the liquid phase
T Paaschen, A Lübbert, Martin Luther Universität, Germany
Waste water treatment using a plunging jet oxygenator issuing into a downflowing liquid
G D Moppett, C D Rielly, J F Davidson, University of Cambridge, UK
A plunging jet sparger for injecting gas into downflowing liquids
R B Thorpe, B Jemsby, R Fairhurst, Y H Lee, D M Scott, University of Cambridge, UK
The revolving drum bioreactor: a new development for bio-hydrometallurgical processing
G Loi, P Trois, G Rossi, University of Cagliari, Italy

Cell Damage In Bioreactors

The Effect of Solids Suspension on Cell Damage
N J Scholtz, S T L Harrison, A B Pandit, University of Capetown, South Africa
A Population Balance Model for Fragmentation of Filamentous Microorganisms
P Jüsten, G C Paul, A W Nienow, C R Thomas, University of Birmingham, UK

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational fluid dynamics to assess the release of microorganisms from bioprocesses
P A Agutter, N J Titchener-Hooker, M K Turner, University College London, UK; A D Buss, Glaxo Wellcome Research & Development, UK
CFD modelling and experimental study of a new circulating bed bioreactor performances
V Lazarova, Z Doquang, CIRSEE, Lyonnaise des Eaux, France; A Cockx, G Hebrard, D Bastoul, A Couvert, M Roustan, A Liné, LIPE, INSA-GPI, France

Large Scale Industrial Bioreactors

k1a characterization of industrial fermentors
A G Pedersen, Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark
Mixing of Liquid phase in large vessels equipped with multiple impellers
M Whitton, Courtaulds Coatings (Holdings) Ltd; S Cropper, G Özcan-Taskin, BHR Group Limited, UK
Rheology, mixing time and regime analysis for a production-scale Aspergillus Oryzae fermentation
M R Marten, K S Wenger, S A Khan, Novo Nordisk Biochem North America, USA


Influence of shear stresses on biokinetics and suspension filtrability in a membrane bioreactor (MBR)
C Wisniewski, A Grasmick, Université de Montpellier II, France
Liquid membrane separation of Cephalosporin-C from culture broth
G C Sahoo, R L Bezbaruah, M K Roy, N N Dutta, Regional Research Laboratory, India
Membrane bioreactors in fermentation process: Two-phase flow may be a solution to enhance crossflow filtration flux
C Lafforgue, O Pichot, M Mercier, C Fonade, G Goma, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, France

Physical Aspects of Stirred Bioreactors

Gas hod-up and gas-liquid mass transfer in three-phase stirred tank bioreactors with simulated Non-Newtonian fermentation broths
Y Kawase, K Shimizu, S Takada, Toyo University, Japan
Spatial characteristics of oxygen transfer in a dual impeller agitated aerated tank
J M T Vasconcelos, W Bujalski, Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisboa), Portugal; A W Nienow, SS Alves, University of Birmingham, UK
Measurement of sound in bioreactors to estimate bubble size distributions
J W R Boyd, J Varley, Reading University, UK
Hydrodynamics in three-phase stirred tank bioreactors: simulated Newtonian and Non-Newtonian media
Y Kawase, K Shimizu, H Miura, Toyo University, N Dohi, N Itano, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

CFD Workshop

Guest Speaker: Current status in CFD, Professor H van den Akker, TU Delft, The Netherlands
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