11th International Symposium on
Pumps & Systems '97
In association with the BPMA and IML Exhibitions
Telford, Shropshire: 1-2 October 1997

The Conference Proceedings can be purchased at a cost of £50 from: Mrs Marian Rolfe

The knowledge route to better business performance...

Helping you to pump life into the heart of your business is BPMA's objective in offering you the proceedings of two days of conference sessions at its 15th annual event. Issues of concern to pump users across industries traditionally form the technical nucleus of the biennial conference. For October 1997, BPMA built upon this foundation extending the conference's dimension with presentations on future strategic, organisational and marketing matters. The emphasis was on tomorrow's business changes and how they impact on the customer/ supplier relationship.


BPMA's prime mission is to influence the business environment in the interests of the competiveness and profitability of the UK Pump Industry through regular meetings of and communications with members and by providing a range of membership services:
  • BPMA Economic and Marketing Data Services
  • BPMA Commercial and Marketing Services
  • BPMA Technical Services
  • BPMA Training Services
  • BPMA Consultancy Services
  • BPMA Publication Services
Membership of the BPMA is open to any company large, medium or small, involved in liquid pumping equipment.

The BPMA Offices are situated in Central Birmingham and staff consists of the Director, Technical Director, part-time Training Officer and Secretarial Support. The office operates a fully networked IT system linked to the Internet which ensures BPMA can utilise latest technology to operate its business and communicate with its members.

One of the services promoted to industry through BPMA by its members are Technical Guides which summarise agreed interpretations of technical issues. The most recent addresses the test and performance evaluation procedures for positive displacement pumps. Currently, there is no national or international standard on this subject.


The Conference Proceedings are now available from BHR Group and contain the following papers.


P Slevin, Chairman, Pumps & Systems Steering Committee


Business approaches for industry
L Murray, Director, Cranfield School of Management
Contracting and consultancy in the process industry
P Larkin, Manager - Equipment, Engineering and Procurement, M W Kellogg Limited
Strategic issues for a global pump market
P J Andrews, President and Chief Executive, Sterling Fluid Systems Group
The CRINE culture
A A Grant, Director, Technology & New Products, Weir Pumps and 1st Point Assessment


The Billion Dollar Executive
A Kakabadse, Professor of Management Development, Cranfield School of Management
Harnessing the power of teams behind innovation
B G Jones, Joint Managing Director, The Strategic Renewal Group
Benchmarking yourself and your team's performance: a practical application of 360 feedback
G B Davies, Director, Cambridge Management Centres
The professional engineer in the global scene
A D Barber, Director Engineering, IChemE


Increasing value added
J K Kilbane, President, Goulds Pumps Europe
The changing nature of seal supply
T Geary, National Service Agreements Manager, John Crane UK Limited
Building customer relationships through service
G Clark, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University
Developments in fugitive emission legislation
B S Ellis, Secretary General, European Sealing Association
Re-engineering for customised products
J R Bower, Engineering Manager, Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (UK) Limited
Upgrading of an industrial waste water treatment/recycling plant for removal of organics using an innovative process design with membranes, evaporation and activated carbon
H-J Schmidt and K H Willumeit, Sterling Berkefeld


Benefits from Foresight and R & D
M Gregory, Cambridge University and EPSRC
Advanced failure warning: intelligent pumps
D H Hellmann, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kaiserlautern, Germany
The impact of entrained and dissolved gas on pump systems
M D Smith, Pump Consultant, Dupont Company, USA
The design and operation of seals in HF acid pumping applications
N M Wallace, Group Technical and Marketing Director, Flexibox International & J Middleton, Rotating Equipment Engineer, Conoco Ltd
Dynamic new ideas in energy engineering
W Kelly, Hydro Dynamics Inc, USA
The use of laser etched seal faces to extend seal performance and improve reliability
J Evans, Group Engineering Manager, Flexibox Ltd
New approaches to handling fluids in chemical processes - improved applications for plastic-lined magnetically coupled pumps
G Naasner, Chief Engineer, ITT Richter, Germany

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