5th International Symposium on
Profitable Condition Monitoring
Harrogate, UK: 3-4 December 1996

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New Opportunities for Advanced Condition Monitoring

The 5th International Conference on Condition Monitoring presented best current industrial practices and drew on the latest research and development.


Ten Years of Condition Monitoring - Changes and Causes
Doyle, A J, Foster, A, Kennedy, I, Wolfson Maintenance; Costin, A, Powis, B, Arjo Wiggins, UK

The Impact of Information Technology on Condition Monitoring
Hutton, R, Entek Scientific Corporation, UK

Beyond Maintenance to Value Driven Asset Management
Mitchell, J S, Consultant, USA

Condition Monitoring Technology - A Wise Investment in Excellence
Rao, B k N, COMADEM International, UK

Condition Monitoring - Industrial Case Studies

A Monitoring System for Mechanical Seals
Lambert, P, Flexibox SA, France

Field Testing of Centrifugal Compressors for Predictive Maintenance
Haught, J, HMS Engineering Inc, USA

Main Trends in Design of On-Line Wear Monitoring Systems
Myshkin, N K, Markova, L V, Semenyuk, M S, Kong, H, Metal-Polymer Research Institute of Belarus Academy of Sciences, Belarus

Condition Monitoring of a Pair of Industrial Compressors
Badi, M N M, Engin, S N, University of Hertfordshire; Carvell, M, The National Museum of Science and Industry, UK

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Achievement of Profitable Condition Monitoring
Bird, J, Advanced Expert Systems Ltd, UK

The Practical Application of the Forgotten Parameter ESPtm
Scott, T, Entek Scientific Corporation, UK

Vibration & Noise Monitoring of Machinery

Applications of Passive and Active Acoustic Monitoring Systems for Pumping Systems
Kerr, N C, Stresswave Technology Ltd, UK

Condition Monitoring Using Acoustic Signals
Heng, R B W, Sheffield Hallam University, UK; Mohd Nor, M J, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Profitable Condition Monitoring of Low Speed Rotating Machinery Using Stress Waves
Mba, D U, Bannister, R H, Cranfield University, Leslie, J T, Findlay, G E, Severn Trent Water Limited, UK

Vibration Monitoring on Slow Speed Machinery: New Methodologies covering Machinery from 0.5 to 600 RPM
Robinson, J C, Canada, R G, Piety, K R, Computational Systems, Incorporated, USA

Condition Monitoring of Fluid Systems

Condition Monitoring of Fluid Systems - The Complete Approach
Day, M J, Pall Europe Limited, UK

Pump Performance Monitoring
Yates, M A, Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems Ltd, UK

An Alternative Coding System Defining the Total and Severity of Wear
Jones, M H, Alberich, J, University of Wales, Swansea, UK

Neural Networks in Condition Monitoring

Neural Networks in Condition Monitoring - Just Another Fad?
MacIntyre, J, Smith, P, University of Sunderland, UK

Defining Novel Faults in a Neural Network Fault Diagnostic System
Martin, K F, Marzi, M H, Cardiff School of Engineering, University of Wales, UK

Fault Diagnosis in Electro-Hydraulic Systems using Neural Networks
Atkinson, R M, Woollons, D J, Tasson, S, University of Exeter, Crowther, W J, Burrows, C R Edge, K A, University of Bath, UK

An Intelligent Multi-Sensor Tool Wear Monitoring System for Unmanned Machining Environments
Hope, A D , Javed, M A, Littlefair, G, Southampton Institute, Rao, B K N, Intelligent Information Technology Ltd, UK

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