Industrial Effluent Technology
Meeting the Demands of the 21st Century
Manchester, UK: 19-20 October 1998

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group.

Pressure is on for Waste Water Costs

The cost of wastewater disposal from industrial processes is one of the greatest problems facing industry today. Environmental concerns and new EC standards have forced costs up as industry struggles to comply with stricter regulations. Introduction of the proposed ‘green taxes' on effluent discharges would mean even higher costs.

While regulatory bodies have created these economic drivers, industry must also address commercial and other external influences, such as technology changes, that can add to the cost burden.

Water service companies may take differing views on the effects of these pressures. Some may be concerned about loss of revenue and staff reductions due to customers treating their own sewage. But others may find that customer self treatment initiatives help reduce peak operational capacity at sewage works and therefore alleviate the need for additional capital expenditure.

For waste generators, deciding whether to treat waste effluent on-site or to contract the responsibility to the water service companies has never been more difficult.

Industrial Effluent Technology: Meeting The Demands Of The 21st Century was designed to provide senior managers, professionals and other decision makers with up to date information on the issues they must address.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference proceedings are now available containing the following papers:

Development of a classifier system for the treatment of process and effluent streams
M G Faram, R Y G Andoh, and C A Williams, HRD Limited, UK

Developments in the use of packages high-recirculation airlift reactors
S J McGowan, Solent Technical Solutions, UK

Waste reduction at source
I Harrison, Orr & Boss and Partners Limited, UK

Treatment of a pulp and paper mill wastewater to achieve effluent re-use: a case study
N J Horan and W Chen, Water and Environmental Research Group, University of Leeds, UK

Logistical chains and wastewater costs
J Urbánek, Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic; and M Pumprla, Pilsner-Urquell Company, Czech Republic

Effluent treatment - the centralized solution
D Archbold and I Moorhouse, Northumbrian Water, UK

Membrane bioreactor (BRMTM) for effluent treatment and water recycling
R McMillan, Degremont UK Limited, UK

Experience of suspended carrier biofilm processes for industrial wastewater treatment
L Gunnarsson, Purac AB, Sweden; P Harvey, Purac Limited, UK; A Ternström and T Welander, Anox AB, Sweden

ClerifyTM effective removal by filtration of total hydrocarbons from water and air
A B Hayns and P Gullett, Axholme Resources Limited, UK

Application of intermittent denitrification to the treatment of refinery wastewater
A R Godley, Shell Global Solutions, UK; H Junkermann, Deutsche Shell AG, Germany; and V Knab, Linde A G, Germany

A case study on the Eff PacTM process at Alcan Chemicals Europe Limited, Burntisland
T J Cole, Alcan Chemicals Europe Limited, UK; and C A Williams, HRD Limited, UK

Managing the risks facing industrial site owners by outsourcing wastewater treatment plant operation and management
R Harpham, Alpheus Environmental Limited, UK

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