15th International Symposium on
Fluid Sealing - Meeting Users Needs
Maastricht, The Netherlands: 16-18 September 1997

The Conference Proceedings can be purchased from: Mrs Marian Rolfe. For more information about future conferences in this series, please see our Events list, or contact Babs Astle at BHR Group.

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This sealing technology forum is the premier forum in its field and never fails to provide important and interesting information and new insights into old problems. The aim is to further improve sealing reliability and effectiveness. Proceedings of the latest conference are now available.

BHR Group's Work with Sealing

BHR Group is a leading centre of expertise in Fluid Engineering and fluid sealing has been a core technology since the early 1950's. A team of engineers and scientists work on a wide range of industrial sealing applications; senior staff attend national and international committees for mechanical seals, reciprocating seals and bolted joints and are regular contributors to conferences, seminars and courses.

Services include: seal design and development, computer analysis of seal designs, performance comparison and testing, design audit and validation, specialist seal testing facilities, training courses.

Projects are tailored to clients requirements and range from brief consultancy to long term research consortia. Facilities include special environmental test rigs for high pressures and speeds over a wide range of temperatures. Analysis is assisted using the latest computer equipment and software including FE, CFD and specially developed seal analysis packages.


The Conference Proceedings are now available containing the following papers.

Opening Address

Professor Heinz K Müller, Consultant, (Formerly Stuttgart Universität)


Increasing Mechanical Seals Life with Laser-Textured Seal Faces
I Etsion, Technion; G Halperin, Y Greenberg, Surface Technologies Ltd
Laserface Sealing Technology: Analysis and Application
H K Müller, Consultant; C Schefzik, Stuttgart Universität; N Wallace, John Evans, Flexibox Limited
Tribology Aspect of The Laser Treatment for Mechanical Seals
B Antoszewski, J Rokicki, Technical University of Kielce


Requirements for successful finite element analysis of static bolted flange connections
J Pernegger, J Hoyes, Flexitallic Ltd
O-Rings at Pulsating Pressure
L Hörl, W Haas,Stuttgart Universität
Some Theoretical Approaches to the Peformance of Static Seals
W Manners, University of Leicester
Leakage at static seals caused by dynamic working conditions - Measurement and FEA results
H Jongebloed, Instit für fluidtechnische Antriebe und Steuerungen (IFAS)


Oil Film Behaviour and Friction Characteristics in Reciprocating Rubber Seals: Part 1 - Single Contact
Y Kanzaki, Y Kawahara, NOK Corporation; M Kaneta, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Leakage from Reciprocating Hydraulic Seals Due to Solid Contamination
R M Hobson, Single Buoy Moorings Inc
Research on the Total Sealing Concept of Reciprocating Seals Running Against Ceramic and Chromium Plated Rods for Hydraulic Cylinders
B M de Laat, Mannesmann Rexroth Hydraudyne Cylinders; M J W Schouten, R P B J Dollevoet, Eindhoven University of Technology
Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Friction - Comparison of Two Seal Designs
A U Ellman, T S Koivula, M J Vilenius, Tampere University of Technology


Improved Gland Packings for Volatile Fluids
T Ueda, M Fujiwara, Nippon Pillar Packing Co Ltd
An improved valve stem seal design
J R Hoyes, L C Thorpe, Flexitallic
Impact of fugitive emissions regulations on industrial valves: the need of standardized testing procedures
J G Garrigues, Amri-KSB; Y Birembaut, T Ledauphin, CETIM Nantes, France


The Temperature Field in the Sealing Zone of a Rotary Lip Seal
K Day, R F Salant, Georgia Institute of Technology
A Study on the Sealing Characteristics of Lip Seals with Helical Ribs
A M Lopez, K Nakamura, K Seki, NOK Corporation
High Speed Floating Shaft Seals
E Bock, Freudenberg Dichtungs und Schwingungstechnik KG
Dynamic Analysis of Elastomeric Seals with Experimental and Numerical Methods
G Colombo, Universitá Di Parma


Corrosion Resistance Improvement of Mechanical Seals with Tungsten Carbide Coating
Y N Griskin, N Y Griskin, Technion
The Effect of High Pressure CO2 on the Mechanical Properties of Elastomeric Materials
M Davies, BHR Group Limited; S Sully, Nuclear Electric Ltd
Compressed Graphite - A New Approach to Jointing Material
C Gee, Gee Graphite Ltd


Determination of Balance Ratio for Process Pump Mechanical Seals
Y-Z Gu, University of Petroleum
Operating Performance of Mechanical Seals for Boiler Feed Pumps
J Nosowicz, A Eiletz, Feodor Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH & Co
Visualizing Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Shaft Seals
R Clark, H Azibert, AW Chesterton Co


A New High Temperature Sheet Sealing Material
J Hoyes, Flexitallic, S Bond, T&N Technology Ltd
Material Behaviour of Flat Gaskets Subjected to Dynamic Deformation
V Hettich, TRUMPF Systemtechnik
Some Critical Comments to PVRC Rott Test Test Design Factors
High Specification Spiral Wound Gasket Sealing Concepts
S P Noble, Flexitallic Ltd
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