17th International Symposium on
York, United Kingdom 8-10 April 2003

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group.

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This is the Premier Event
This sealing technology forum is the premier event in its field and never fails to provide important and interesting information and new insights into old problems. The aim is to further improve sealing reliability and effectiveness.

Effective Sealing is Critical for Cost Saving
Failure of a seal can have expensive and even hazardous consequences. Standards and legislation are evolving continuously to improve safety. At the same time, cost of ownership and possible cost savings are of prime concern. BHR Group's 17th International Conference on Fluid Sealing aims to address these issues by providing a firm foundation for future developments and insight into the application and exploitation of the best available technologies.

Contents of Proceedings

Mechanical Seal Analysis
Numerical simulation of a mechanical seal with an engineered slip/no-slip face surface
R F Salant, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
An experimental study on the influence of different surface topography on mechanical seal performance
A Vezjak, J Vizintin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
2D numerical modeling of theTEHD transient behaviour of mechanical face seals
B Tournerie, N Brunetiére, J C Danos, University of Poitiers, France

Compression Packing Materials
Special nonwoven materials for sealing technology - alternative to braided packings
T Klenk, Freudenberg Dichtungs - und Schwingungstechnik KG, Germany; R Vogel, Merkel Freudenberg Fluidetechnic Limited, Ireland
Mechanical properties of inter-braided packing
H Hashiguchi, A Otani, T Ueda, Nippon Pillar Packing Co Ltd, Japan; A Nakai, H Hamad, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Developing a finite element model of exfoliated graphite valve packings
M Ni Ruaidhe, A A Torrance, Trinity College, Ireland

Rotary Shaft Seals
Inverted sealing arrangement - a new concept for dynamic sealing tasks
G Schöllhammer, W Haas, IMA, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Geometrical similarity of hydrodynamic aids in oil lip seals and its influence on pumping capacity
M Gawlinski, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; A Gorrino-Bruss, Juntas Techicas, Spain; G Upper, Consultant, Germany
Experiments and simple modeling of hydrodynamic lubrication in radial shaft seals
Y Sato, Y Kuzamaki, K Seki, NOK Corporation, Japan; J Sugimura, Kyushu University, Japan
Analysis of PTFE material in rotary seals
W Li, S Mays, D Lam, Polymer Sealing Solutions, UK

Reciprocating Seals
Investigation into the sealing contacts of reciprocating elastomeric seals - correlation of calculations with contact force measurements and optical observations
G W G Poll, C Debler, M Gronitzki, University of Hannover, Germany
The effect of surface asperities on the friction coefficient of a flooded reciprocating model lip seal
L Lou, Koyo Seiko Co Ltd, Japan
Stribeck curve of flexible seals for reciprocating motion
M Kaneta, Y Yamagata, H Nishakawa, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan; Y Kanzaki, S Ono, Y Kawahara, NOK Corp, Japan
Tests on contamination of wipers for linear guidance
M Janßen, W Haas, IMA, University of Stuttgart, Germany

High Pressure Gas Sealing
Project guidelines for selecting seals for high pressure gas duty and other oilfield services
S J Groves, BP Exploration, UK
Elastomer fatigue testing for explosive decompression cycling prediction
K Edmond, E Ho, R Flitney, BHR Group Limited, UK; S Groves, BP Exploration, UK; P Embury, James Walker & Co Ltd, UK; J-M Rivereau, TotalFinaElf, UK
Grouted pipeline intervention tee. Design, development and proving of the elastomer seals
M Jacobs, Advantica Technologies Ltd, UK; M Harwood, FTL Seals Technology Ltd, UK; R K Flitney, BHR Group Ltd, UK

Elastomer Selection
Selection and qualification of seals for oil and gas production
T W Ray, B Slay, Halliburton Energy Services, USA
Justification of elastomer sealed barriers in long term well suspension
S J Groves, BP Exploration, UK
Importance of long test times in determining seal material compatibility with hydraulic fluid at service temperature
C M A Chilson, K Crandell, R E Zielinski, Poly Mod® Technologies Inc, USA
Ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM). Environmentally friendly sealing material for a broad range of applications
K Kammerer, L Lefebvre, DuPont de Nemours P&IP, Switzerland; E McBride, YT Wu, DD King, DuPont Company, USA
New Speciality Viton® products for automotive sealing applications
S Bowers, DuPont Dow Elastomers SA, Switzerland

Flange Sealing Integrity
Achieving a leak free start up - impossible dream or achievable project?
K W Quillan, Huntsman Petrochemicals Ltd,UK; G Milne, Hedley Purvis Limited, UK; G.Smith, Klinger (UK) Ltd, UK
New solvent-free fiber gasket materials offer advantages over traditional calendered sheet products in light duty industrial and MRO applications
B Lehr, A Anderson, Interface Solutions Inc, USA
The use of bolted joint technology to improve the emission performance of flanged joints
R Corbett, Rotabolt Ltd, UK; M Engel, DuPont, UK

High-Duty Dynamic Seals
Enhanced mechanical face seal performance using modified face surface topography
L Young, Flowserve Flow Solutions Division, Canada; E Roosch, Flowserve Flow Solutions Division, Netherlands; R Hill, Flowserve Flow Solutions Division, UK
Development of high reliable mechanical seals for nuclear power plants
Tadayuki Shimizu, Toshihiko Fuse, Nippon Pillar Packing Co Ltd, Japan; Kikuo Nishiyama, EBARA Corporation, Japan
Containment sealing and the new API 682 standard
PE Bowden, CJ Fone, John Crane EAA, UK

Rotary Pressure Seals
Using CFD to improve performance and extend life of mechanical seals in slurry applications
H Azibert, R.Clarke, AW Chesterton Company, USA
The further development and investigation of the wear-resistant mechanical face seals
Y N Griskin, N Y Griskin, Mech Coating Ltd, Israel
Systematic investigation of a labyrinth gas seal static characteristics. An industrial case
M Helene, M Arghir, J Frene, LMS, Université de Poitiers, France
Calculation and design of combined mechanical seal with self-adjusting clearance
I Gaft, Gidromash-Herm Ltd, Russia, V Martsinkovsky, A. Zagorulko, Ukraine State University, Ukraine; V. Gromyko, NPO Energomash, Russia

Gasketed Joint Design
Influence of the flange surface of liquid sealed interfaces in mechanical engineering
W Schmidt-Aursch, M Jäckle, University of Stuttgart, Germany
EN 1591-1, a calculation standard for gasketed circular flange connections using both leak-tightness and strength criteria
H Zerres, Advanced Solution Engineering Ltd, UK
Generation of the gasket parameters required by the flange calculation method of EN 1591 Part 1
J Hoyes, Flexitallic Ltd, UK
Creep-relaxation characteristics of gaskets and their effects on sealing behaviour
T Kobayashi, Numazu College of Technology, Japan; T Nishida, Y Yamanaka, Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd, Japan

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