16th International Conference on

Santiago, Chile, 26-28 April 2004

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Keynote Presentations

Stabilised laminar slurry flow: review, trends and prognosis
A D Thomas, Slurry Systems Pty Ltd, Australia; L Pullam, Private Consultant, Australia; K C Wilson, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada

The Samarco Pipeline - 26 years of operation. The success of the world longest iron ore slurry pipeline
J C Mariano de Souza, A C C R Bragança, C A da Cruz Rodrigues, E G Lima, E L G Fantini, Samarco Mineração SA, Brazil

Freight pipelines: A survey
T R Marrero, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

Fundamentals of rheological classification and measurement, as applied to the design of high solids content, non-Newtonian systems
N I Heywood, N J Alderman, Aspen Technology, UK Slurry flumes in Chile R. Fuentes, JRI, Chile

Modelling & Simulation/ Instrumentation and Control

Practical application of dynamic computer simulation for long distance slurry pipelines
B L Ricks, BRASS Engineering International, LLC, USA

PIV and finite element comparisons of particles inside a slurry pump casing
G Addie, GIW Industries Inc, USA; K V Pagalthivarthi, Indian Institute of Technology, India; J R Kadambi, Case Western Reserve University

Mathematical modelling of a travelling interface water - slurry in pipe flow
R Fuentes, J M Araneda, JRI, Chile

A non-Newtonian two-layer model and its application to high density hydrotransport
L Pullum, Private Consultant, Australia; L J W Graham, CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, Australia; P Slatter, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Slurry flow over a stationary bed in a pipe
V Matousek, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Innovative flow control philosophy, based on in-situ measurements to reduce energy consumption for tailings pipelines
H Ilgner, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa Survey and selection of techniques for slurry level and interface measurement in storage vessels N I Heywood, Aspen Technology, UK; P J Tily, Private Consultant

Velocity distributions in swirling pipeflows
T F Jones, R J J Tonkin, University of Nottingham, UK; D Rhodes, British Nuclear Fuels Plc, UK

Electrical tomography for solids mass flow measurements
T Dyakowski, UMIST, UK; R Williams, University of Leeds, UK


Economical and operational aspects in selecting pumps for long distance pipelines
E van der Kuy, P Geraedts, Weir Netherlands bv, The Netherlands

Centrifugal pump explosions
B P O'Connor, Anglo Platinum, South Africa

Slurry pump suction performance considerations
A S Roudnev, Weir Slurry North America, USA

Life cycle cost reduction for reciprocating pump slurry pump stations
J D Miller, B D Miller, White Rock Engineering Services, USA

Large-scale pump tests with coarse waste rock
Å Sundqvist, Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB, Sweden; A Sellgren, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Development of a TORE® based Hydrohoist System
M Wolf, Merpro Americas Inc., USA; B Armstrong, Merpro Ltd, UK

Valves and Fittings

An efficient swirl-pipe transition geometry
T Jones, C Ariyaratne, University of Nottingham, UK

A review of frictional pressure losses for flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids through valves
V G Pienaar, P Slatter, Cape Technikon, South Africa; N J Alderman, N I Heywood, Aspen Technology, UK


The effect of shape on laminar flow in open channels for non-Newtonian fluids
R Haldenwang, PT Slatter, Cape Technikon, South Africa; RP Chhabra, IIT, Kanpur, India; S Vanyaza, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Travelling hydraulic jump and laminarization of flow in a slurry flume
R Fuentes, J Rayo, JRI, Chile; M Arredondo, Collahuasi Mining Co., Chile

Coarse Particle Slurries

Sediment settling at pick-up st high concentration
C van Rhee, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Effect of near-wall lift on frictional characteristics of sand slurries
L Whitlock, GIW Industries Inc., USA; K C Wilson, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada; A Sellgren, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Stratified and dispersed flow of gas hydrates in offshore production
Y Peysson, E Duret, P Maurel, R Vilagines, Institut Français du Pétrole, France

Deposition velocities for particles of intermediate size in turbulent flow
R S Sanders, Syncrude Canada Ltd, Canada; R-J Sun, R G Gillies, M J McKibben, C A Shook, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada

Air injection into sand slurry pipelines: Dispersed phase interactions
R S Sanders, J Schaan, Syncrude Canada Ltd, Canada; M M Razzaque, J H Masliyah, K Nandakamur, University of Alberta, Canada


The laminar / turbulent transient condition of non-Newtonian slurries flow in pipes
K El-Nahhas, N Gad El-Hak, Suez Canal Authority, Egypt; M A Rayan, Mansoura University, Egypt; P Vlasak, Institute of Hydrodynamics AS CR, Czech Republic; I El-Sawaf, Suez Canal University, Egypt

Calculating fall velocities in non-Newtonian fluids: a new view
K C Wilson, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada; R R Horsley, Curtin University, Australia

Sedimentation in shear thinning fluids. Application to cuttings re-injection in the oil industry
B Herzhaft, L Rousseau, Y Peysson, Institut Français du Pétrole, France; L Talini, S Daugan, C Allain, Laboratoire F.A.S.T., France

Flow behaviour of Kaolin clay slurries
C G Litzenberger, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada; R J Sumner, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Effect of concentration and shearing time on flow behaviour of ash-water slurries
P Vlasak, Z Chara, J Konfrst, Institute of Hydrodynamics AS CR, Czech Republic

Slurry Prep

Practice experience in the operation of Quebrada Honda tailing disposal - 147,000
TPDA Manchego, U Oliveros Salas, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, Peru


Slurry pipeline blockage, theory and practice
G Shou, PSI, USA

Repair and pigging of an HDPE-lined slurry pipeline
M Hoskins, Pasminco Century Mine Limited; C Bain, R L Gandhi, M D Weston, Bechtel, USA


A case study for quantifying process shear action on a shear sensitive slurry
W Grobbelaar, P Goosen, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; B Krause, Ticor South Africa, South Africa

A study of the effect of lime addition on the behaviour of the concentrate of iron ore from the Alegria Complex along the pipeline of Samarco Mineração SA
A Bragança, T da Silva, Samarco Mineração SA, Brazil

Iron ore slurries properties and their influence on Samarco's pipeline transport
D A Sampaio, Pipeline Systems Inc. USA; P R G Brandão, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Yield stress, viscosity, and non-Newtonian turbulent pipe flow
P T Slatter, E J Wasp, Cape Technikon, South Africa


Particle distribution patterns in solid-liquid pipeflow for modelling wear
R J K Wood, T F Jones, P A Langston, University of Nottingham, UK

Pneumatic Conveying

Measurements of the stress-field within slugs under dynamic conditions in a pneumatic conveying pipeline
M G Jones, T Krull, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Modelling of the blockage mechanism in fluidised dense phase pneumatic conveying
M G Jones, K C Wiliams, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Analysis of bulk solids attrition in pneumatic conveying by distinguishing between process and material parameters
L Frye, W Peukert, Technical University Munich, Germany

Case Studies

Startup of dual concentrate pipeline for Minera Escondida Limitada, Phase IV R G Betinol, BRASS Chile Limitada, Chile; H E Jaime, Minera Escondida Limitada, Chile

Boulby Mine backfill system design, commissioning and operation
M Fehrsen, R Cooke, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; M Wilkins, C Gilchrist, Cleveland Potash Limited, UK

Thickened tailings pumping systems - design considerations G
Johnson, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Effects of shear history on the flow properties of flocculent-dosed thickened tail slurries
J Schaan, R S Sanders, Syncrude Canada Ltd, Canada; R G Gillies, M J McKibben, C Litzenberger, R-J Sun, C A Shook, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada

What a change in coal supply can mean to a dense phase ash handling and pumping system for a large coal fired power station
T Bunn, RBMC, Australia

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