17th International Conference on
Capetown, South Africa: 7 - 10 May 2007

Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, will be available in early June in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.


Lowered expectations: the impact of yield stress on sand transport in laminar, non-Newtonian slurry flows
R.G. Gillies, R. Sun, R.S. Sanders, and J. Schaan

A new viscometric technique to successfully measure shear thickening behaviour, if and when it occurs
A. Chryss and L. Pullum

Alternative to lime as a rheology modifier in the transport of iron ore slurry by the Samarco pipeline
A.C. Bragança and T.A. Silva

Flow behaviour and drag reduction of fluidic ash-water slurries
P. Vlasak and Z. Chara

Design curve diagram for yield plastic fluids
D. J. Hallbom and B. Klein

Rough-wall and turbulent transition analyses for Bingham plastics
A.D. Thomas and K.C. Wilson

A review of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow in rectangular open channels
N.J. Alderman and R. Haldenwang

Transport of high clay content thickened tailings: a case study
R. Hills, C. Riveros, S. Barrera, and N. Saldía

Prediction of pressures losses in straight-through diaphragm valves
B.M. Mbiya, V.G. Pienaar, and P.T. Slatter

Interaction of slurry pipe flow with a stationary bed
V. Matousek

Computational technique to predict the velocity and concentration profile for solid-liquid slurry flow in pipelines
S.K. Lahiri and K.C. Ghanta

A two-region averaging model for solid-liquid flow in horizontal pipes
R. Salazar-Mendoza, A. García-Gutiérrez, and A. Aragón-Jerónimo

Validation of a four-component pipeline friction-loss model
A. Sellgren and K.C. Wilson

The new ANSI/HI centrifugal slurry pump standard
G.R. Addie, A.S. Roudnev, and A. Sellgren

Pressure pulsation analysis of crankshaft driven positive displacement pumps
R. van Rijswick

Pump station drive selection case study
M. Keevy and K. Hackney

Centrifugal pump performance calculation for homogeneous and complex heterogeneous suspensions
L. Pullum, L.J.W. Graham, and M. Rudman

Wear rate prediction for long distance slurry pipelines
G. Shou, Y. Zhen, and N. Topliffe

Internal corrosion of slurry pipelines caused by microbial corrosion: causes and remedies
C. Ringas

Effects of CFD modelling configuration on centrifugal slurry pump casing wear prediction
A. Roudnev and R. Kosmicki

Remote characterization of the rheological properties of sludges and slurries- preliminary investigations into a novel in situ sensor
D. Harbottle, D. Rhodes, T.F. Jones, and S.R. Biggs

On-line wear measurements for commercial-scale, coarse-particle slurry pipelines
J. Schaan, N. Cook, and R.S. Sanders

Flow rate measurement of non-Newtonian suspensions from a tank using notches
R. Haldenwang, R. Erasmus, P.T. Slatter, and R.P. Chhabra

Feasibility study of a 180 km nickel ore pipeline-rheological factors influencing slurry pipeline design
A.D. Thomas and L.J. Park

The use of pigs in the Samarco pipeline to allow transportation capacity rehabilitation and integrity programme implementation
J.C.M. de Souza

Incrustation problems in long distance copper concentrate pipelines
N. Altmann, A. Cáceres, L. Navarro, and R. Betinol

Control of scale deposit problems in slurry pipelines
R.L. Gandhi, Y.G. Che, M.D. Watson, and M. Brown

Long distance slurry pipeline design in cold regions: case studies
B. Ricks and Q. Li

A perspective of marine mining within
De Beers K. Richardson

China's study on the lift system in deep ocean mining
Z. Weisheng.

Developments in the dredging industry
P.M. Vercruijsse

SORD-a novel underground dredge mining technology
N. Graham and C. Walker

Simulation of sub-sea gravel removal using the coupled computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method
I. Parker, D. Ackerman, G. Langefeld, and S. Cole

The Antamina copper and zinc concentrate pipeline
J.P. Fortin, J. Norwood, and C. Dechert

Effect of comminuted flint on pumping chalk slurry in the 92-km Kensworth-Rugby pipeline
N.J. Alderman, N.I. Heywood, and D.J. Clowes

Integrated pipeline transport system for thickened coal sludge
J. Chen, X. Zhao, X. Wang, Y. Pan, and M. Wu

Industrial applications of hydrohoist systems in the power industry and alumina plants
W. Kolarcík, J. Baklík, Z. Franc, and V. Rak

Recommissioning a two-km long waste mica slurry pipeline
N. Heywood and P. Harris

Hydraulic scale-model tests for slurry handling equipment
P. Goosen and R. Cooke

Cavitating jets for dredging clay?
A.J. Nobel, A.M. Talmon, and W.J. Vlasblom

Erosion of granular sediments at high flow velocity
C.Van Rhee

Pumping evaluations with paste tailings thickened close to the surface disposal area
T. Wennberg and A. Sellgren

Application and development of a water separation pump in China
C. Yu, W. Yu, H. Song, Z. Fu, and N. Topliffe

Application of the reflux classifier correlation to the hydraulic conveying of particles up steep inclines
D. Laskovski, J. Zhou, P. Stevenson, and K.P. Galvin

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