13th International Conference on Slurry Handling and Pipeline Transport

Johannesburg, South Africa 3-5 September 1996

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In 1996, BHR Group's Conferences section organised the 13th International Conference on Hydrotransport. Hydrotransport, the handling of solid/liquid mixtures, is a process used throughout industry. It provides a cost-effective, economic and efficient method of slurry transmission with the minimum of maintenance problems and a low impact on the surrounding environment. The technique has been successfully employed in a wide variety of situations from hygienic movement and processing of food and pharmaceutical products, through chemicals, oil, mining and construction applications, to the secure transportation of effluent and waste products.

This Conference has been, for over 25 years, the premier international event in Hydrotransport, bringing together experts and users from all parts of the world and from many diverse industries. The Conference will be held again in 1999, and more details will be available on this web page nearer the time.

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Conference Proceedings

The Conference Procedings are now available, containing the following papers.


Flow characteristics of the anaerobic digesting sludges
P Monteiro, J Tentúgal Valente, FEUP - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, IHRH - Instituto de Hidráulica e Recursos Hídricos, Portugal

Prediction of pressure losses in turbulent non-Newtonian flows: development and application of a hybrid rheological model
R Stainsby, AEA Technology plc, UK; R A Chilton, Bechtel Water Technology Ltd, UK

Erosion of a solids bed in annular flows of non-Newtonian fluids
A L Martins, C H M Sá, A M F Lourenço, L G M Freire, W Campos, Petrobras SA, Brazil

Laminar-turbulent transition locus for power-law non-Newtonians
K C Wilson, Queen's University, Canada

Flow of dense kaolin and ash slurries in pipes
Z Chára, M Severa, P Vlasák, Institute of Hydrodynamics, Czech Republic; V Havlik, J Vy ítal, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

Hydraulic transport and disposal of ash-gypsum slurries
V Havlik, J Vesela, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic; Z Chara, P Vlasak, Institute of Hydrodynamics, Czech Republic

The laminar/turbulent transition - an industrial problem solved
P T Slatter, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Thixotropy in flocculated slurries
I C R Gilchrist, De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, H D Chandler, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa


The importance of rheology in the flow of non-Newtonian fluids
T Nakae, College of Technology (UNESP), Brazil; T Masuyama, Tokai University, Japan; A P Chaves, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; P A Souza, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Recent developments in balanced beam tube viscometry
P T Slatter, L Moodie, F W Petersen, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Theory and simulation of the pipeline hydrotransport of highly concentrated dispersions (using watercoal suspensions for the purpose)
N B Uriev, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


New facilities for coarse solids handling and deep channel dredging
Z-H Xiao, Tangshan Branch of the Central Coal Mining Research Institute, P R China

Flow of settling slurries at high concentrations
R G Gillies, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada; C A Shook, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Internal structure of slurry flow in inclined pipe. Experiments and mechanistic modelling
V Matousek, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Diameter and concentration effects in stratified slurry flows
Ĺ Sundqvist, Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden

Pump and pipeline solids effects of transporting sands with different size distributions and concentrations
A Sellgren, Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden; G Addie, GIW Industries Inc, USA

Particle roughness turbulence
P T Slatter, G S Thorvaldsen, F W Petersen, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Comparison of coarse slurry pipeline models
A R Khan, Kuwait University, Kuwait; J F Richardson, University of Wales, UK

A procedure for the prediction of pressure drops for polyfractional mixture flow
J Sobota, Agricultural University, Poland

Deposit velocity of slurry flow in open channels
B Domínguez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; R Souyris, VST Ingenieros; A Nazer, Ayala y Cabrera Ing Assoc, Chile


The jet pump scrubber: its application to the cleaning of contaminated sand
A W Wakefield, Consulting Engineer, UK

Coning of a slurry during withdrawal of a settled layer from a tailings pond
D K Ryland, C A Shook, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Three-chamber pipe feeder systems - further technical development and new fields of application
P Geisler, SIEMAG Transplan GmbH, Germany

Critical pneumatic moving-bed transport and pneumatically controlled peristaltic feeder
H Li, M Kwauk, Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, P R China

Investigation of the flow and transport processes of activated sludge in parallel plate clarifiers
C Jokiel, J Reuber, Aachen University of Technology, Germany


Copper ore pipeline transportation from Cerovo Mine to Bor, designing, construction and operation
D Dragi , P Kosti , RTB/FOD Bor; D Dumitraškovi , P Dimitrijevi , RTB/RBN Bor, Yugoslavia

Coal dredging efficiency - the underwater mining experience at Kovin Coal Mine
B Ljubi i , University of North Dakota, USA; Z Bukurov, P Cvijanovi , University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia; K Štajner, Electric Power of Serbia, Yugoslavia

Design and construction of the Noordhoek Kaolin Slurry Pipeline
P E Goosen, R Cooke, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers, South Africa

An economic and technical assessment of the hydraulic transport of phosphate ore
A J C Paterson, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers, South Africa; K Mackie, Bergman-Ingérop, South Africa

The Bayswater high density fly ash disposal system
P B Venton, CMPS&F Pty Limited, Australia; M G Wortley, P Ward, Pacific Power International, Australia


Pipe wear in vertical backfill distribution columns in South African mines
H J Ilgner, C P Kramers, CSIR: Division of Mining Technology, South Africa

The development of flexible pipelines for transporting fluids in mines
G H Guy, A T Do, Coflexip Stena Offshore Le Trait, France; J van der Walt, TWP, South Africa

An empirical evaluation of the wear of backfill transport pipelines
N R Steward, Concor Technicrete, South Africa

An analysis of wear mechanisms in the 155 km OK Tedi copper concentrate slurry pipeline
P B Venton, CMPS&F Pty Limited, Australia; T Boss, OK Tedi Mining Limited, Australia


Studies of novel devices for slurry transportation
M G Faram, N Syred, T O'Doherty, University of Wales, UK

Evaluation of the TORE® for hydrotransport and its application
S J Chard, K Nezhati, J E Delves, A C Lockier, D J Parkinson, Merpro Process Technologies Limited, UK; C E Webber, Merpro-Corflex (Pty) Ltd; H J Ilgner, CSIR, Mining Technology, South Africa

High pressure slurry system pumping techniques for positive displacement diaphragm pumps
M Zoborowski, Toyo Pumps North America Corporation, USA

The nozzle for liquid flows, with particular reference to jet pumps
A W Wakefield, Consulting Engineer, UK

Development of an agitator for slurry pumps
Z Czarnota, M Fahlgren, S Saunders, ITT Flygt AB, Sweden

The effect of slurries on the performance of submersible pumps
Z Czarnota, M Fahlgren, M Grainger, S Saunders, ITT Flygt AB, Sweden

Operating experiences with a rotary ram slurry pump to transport ultra high concentration coarse suspensions
L Pullum, Consulting Engineer, Australia; D J McCarthy, Consulting Engineer, Australia; N J Longworth, Ausman Engineering & Assoc Pty Ltd, Australia

The design, selection and application of valves for slurry pipeline service
N J Alderman, N I Heywood, AEA Technology plc, UK

Characteristics of the single screw eccentric pump transporting the kaolin-water mixture
K Brada, J Melichar, TU Prague, Czech Republic


The development of measuring equipment for hydrotransport installations
W Wiedenroth, Universität Paderborn, Germany

The performance of commercially-available Coriolis force mass flowmeters applied to industrial slurries
N I Heywood, AEA Technology, UK; K B Mehta, Engineering Consultant, UK

On-line slurry monitoring using acoustic multi-function system
N Parkinson, P James, AV Technology Limited; R A Williams, S J Peng, D Brown, Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter; J Delves, Merpro Process Technologies Ltd, UK


Coal log pipeline design and economics
H Liu, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

Transverse forces acting on cylindrical capsule conveyed by liquid in a pipe
P Vlasák, Institute of Hydrodynamics ASCR, Czech Republic

Compressible flow of pneumatic capsule trains
G F Round, McMaster University, Canada


Pipeline material evaluation for the Mina Grande hydrohoist system
R Cooke, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers, South Africa

Design of deep mine hydraulic backfill distribution systems
R Cooke, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers, South Africa

Requirements for effective and efficient backfilling on a South African gold mine
D Gericke, Vaal Reefs Mine, South Africa

Hydraulic conveying of dense slurries by hydrohoists
P Vlasák, Institute of Hydrodynamics ASCR, W Kolar ík, Hydrosystem Olomouc Ltd, Czech Republic

Handling of 2 600 000 tons per month of slime and backfilling at Vaal Reefs Exploration and Mining Company Limited
L T Lazarevic, Vaal Reefs Exploration and Mining Company Limited, South Africa


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