14th International Conference on Slurry Handling and Pipeline Transport
Maastricht, The Netherlands: 8-10 September 1999

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Are you involved in Transporting Solid/Liquid Mixtures in a pipe?

Do you deal with Slurries or Sludges or Slimes or Sediments or Compacted Solids or Suspended Solids?

The challenges of handling solid/liquid mixtures in pipelines, in open channels, in long distance pipeline transport and in-plant transferences occur throughout industry. These processes provide cost-effective, economic and efficient methods of transporting products with the minimum of maintenance and low environmental impact.

An understanding of how to optimise handling techniques; how different industries have solved complex problems; trouble shooting - all demand an understanding of the techniques required and the deployment of different engineering solutions.

For almost 30 years, this Conference has been the premier international event bringing together experts and users from all parts of the world and from many diverse industries. The opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative new solutions and to explore technology transfer between industries makes this event essential for all engineers concerned with any aspect of slurry transportation.


The book of proceedings is now available and contains the following papers:


Professor J F Richardson , University of Swansea, Chairman of the Organising Committee


Mathematical analysis of the amplification of density variations in long distance sand transport pipelines
A M Talmon, WL/Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands

Helically-formed Pipes Improve the Efficient Transportation of Particle-Laden Liquids
B Raylor, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA); T F Jones, N J Miles, University of Nottingham, UK

Flow of aqueous mixture of sand composed of fractions of different particle size
V Matousek, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; F Ni, Hohai University, P R China

Pumping Coarse and Fine Reject Solids on Waste Co-disposal Sites
A Grzina, Warman International Ltd, Australia

Dunes in solid-liquid flow in pipes
M Simkhis, D Barnea, Y Taitel, Tel Aviv University, Israel


Case Study: Pumping High Density Kimberlite Tailings
A Paterson, G Johnson, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd; A Vietti, De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, South Africa

Multi-component Slurry Pipeline Systems
A E Horn, Egis Consulting Australia Pty Ltd, Australia

Waste Utilization in Hydraulic Backfill
F Plewa, G Strozik, Institute of Mining Technology, Technical University of Silesia, Poland; J Sobota, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Agricultural University, Poland

Experience Pumping Dense Slurries Containing Large Particles
T Bunn, Pacific Power International, J Chambers, Centre Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Innovative Concepts for Underground Comminution and Lateral Hydraulic Transport of Rock As An Alternative to Conventional Tramming
H J Ilgner, C P Kramers, CSIR, South Africa


Characteristics of an impeller pump transporting water-solid substrate-mixture
K Brada, J Melichar, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Comparison between annular-type and Two peripheral-nozzles type jet pumps for floating weed removal
I A El-Sawaf, Mechanical Engineering Dept, Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt

Effect of High Solids Concentration on Characteristics of a Slurry Pump
F Ni, W J Vlasblom, A Zwartbol, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

High density residue transport and disposal
P Thissen, GEHO PUMPS - EnviroTech Pumpsystems Netherlands bv, The Netherlands


CFD study of the flow field in an oil-gas-water separator with fluidisation
Y. AL-Lawatiya, C.J Lawrence & H.J Michels, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK

Sand accumulation and removal in oil/gas pipelines
O Kvernvold, T Elvehřy, R Sandberg, Det Norske Veritas, Norway; M M Salama, Conoco Inc, USA

Transporting oil and gas as hydrate slurries
V Andersson, J S Gudmundsson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

The Sand Scrubber: An Effective Environmental Application of Jet Pumps
G Thorvaldsen, GENFLO UK Ltd, A W Wakefield, Consulting Engineer, UK


Analysis of Rough Wall Non-Newtonian Turbulent Flow
P Slatter, School of Civil Engineering, Cape Technikon; F P van Sittert, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

A Comparison of Scale-up Procedures for Turbulent Non-Newtonian Pipe Flow
R A Chilton, Bechtel Water, R Stainsby, AEA Technology plc, UK

Establishing Dynamic Similarity for Non-newtonian Fittings Loss
P T Slatter, V G Pienaar, Cape Technikon, South Africa

A New Friction Factor for Yield Stress Fluids
P T Slatter, Cape Technikon, South Africa

Transport of Food Solid/Liquid Suspensions in Tubular Heat Exchangers
G Tucker, Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association, UK

Multiphase Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Pipes
J F Richardson, University of Swansea, UK; A R Khan, Kuwait University, Kuwait; R P Chhabra, IIT Kanpur, India


Structure, Rheology and Stability of Concentrated Disperse Systems under Dynamic Conditions
N B Uriev, Institute of Physical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Analysis of the Flow Behaviour of High Density non-Newtonian Kimberlite Tailings
A Paterson, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; A Vietti, De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, South Africa

The Flow Behaviour of Fibre-Cement Slurries in Horizontal Pipes
M Walmsley, C Berry, University of Waikato; G Duffy, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Effect of Non-Newtonian Behavior of Fluids in the Erosion of A Cuttings Bed in Horizontal Oilwell Drilling
A L Martins, W Campos, Petrobras S.a,. Brazil; C Maravilha, Northern Rio De Janeiro State U, Brazil; H Satink, U of Twente, The Netherlands; J M Baptista, Rural U of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Effect of Peptisation on Flow Behaviour of Clay Suspensions
P Vlasák, Z Chára, P Štern, Institute of Hydrodynamics ASCR, Czech Republic

Jet Pump Transfer Systems
G Thorvaldsen, Genflo UK Ltd, A W Wakefield, Consulting Engineer, UK


Selection of On-line Viscometers for Slurry Applications
N J Alderman, N I Heywood, AEA Technology plc, UK

The State of the Art of Slurry Control Equipment and its Application in Slurry Make-Up Automation
E W Hollinderbäumer, Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH, MinTec Division, Germany

Performance evaluation of eight electromagnetic flowmeters with fine sand slurries
N I Heywood, AEA Technology plc, UK


Numerical simulation of the flow generated by cutter heads
P J Steinbusch, W J Vlasblom, M den Burger, Delft University of Technology; N P Kruyt, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Jet Pump Transfer Systems
G Thorvaldsen, Genflo UK Ltd, A W Wakefield, Consulting Engineer, UK

The Hydraulic Transport of Highly Concentrated Sand-Water Mixtures Using Large Pumps and Pipeline Diameters
C.H. van den Berg, P.M. Vercruijsse, MTI Holland bv; M. Van den Broeck, Dredging International, The Netherlands

Monitoring of Polyurethane Coatings in Flowing Saline Slurries
R J K Wood, Y Puget, University of Southampton, UK


Continuous TORE® hydrotransport system
D Parkinson, J Delves, Merpro Process Technologies, UK

A New High Concentration Pipeline Test Loop Facility
L Pullum, Private Consultant, L J W Graham, CSIRO, Division of Building, Construction and Engineering, Australia

Suction Performance of Centrifugal Pumps and its Effect on Cost of Slurry Transport
G R Addie, GIW Industries Inc, USA; K C Wilson, Queen's University, Canada; A Sellgren, Luleĺ University of Technology, Sweden

Power recovery from slurry pipelines
D L E Teal, Knight Piésold Ltd, UK

Goaf Cavity Filling - A Special Application of Paste Backfilling in Coal Mining
W Mez, Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH, MinTec DivisionGermany


Two-Phase (Solid Liquid) Flow in Inclined Pipes
E M Coiado, V E M G Diniz, Faculdade de Engenharia Civil (FEC), UNICAMP, Brazil

An empirical expression for the determination of mean critical flow velocity in slurry transporting pipeline systems
M A Kokpinar, M Go üs, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Modelling of the heavy concentrate flow in long pipes
P Boeriu, IHE Delft, The Netherlands/TU Timisoara, Romania; I David, TU Timisoara, Romania/TU Darmstadt, Germany

Drag Reduction in Two-Phase Vertical Transport of Spherical Beads in Dilute Polymer Solution
J. S. Chung, G. Yarim and H. Savasci, Colorado School of Mines, USA


Optimum design of pipeline slurry storage tanks and agitators
J A Von Essen, Philadelphia Mixers, USA; B Ricks, BRASS, USA

Modelling of multiphase flows in multi-impellers stirred vessels
S Lo, AEA Technology plc , UK; N Dohi, N Itano, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan


Laboratory Apparatus for Evaluating Slurry Pipeline Wear
R Cooke, G Johnson, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Slurry Pump Wear Life Uncertainty Analysis
C I Walker, Warman International Ltd, Australia

An Experimental Investigation into Aspects of Wear in Boiler Ash Disposal Pipelines
P Goosen, Paterson & Cooke Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd; I Malgas, ESKOM Technology Research & Investigations, South Africa

The Erosion Performance of Candidate Internal Coatings for Slurry Handling and Pipeline Transport
R J K Wood, University of Southampton, UK

The working life of a pipeline carrying an abrasive slurry
D Gericke, Anglogold Ltd, South Africa

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