14th International Conference
Jetting Technology

Brugge, Belgium: 21-23 September 1998

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Better Cutting with Jetting

High pressure jetting technology offers a new approach to real life situations where other potential solutions cannot provide the same degree of accuracy, efficiency and performance. Although many of the operational advantages and capabilities are understood, there is still a need for additional information on the latest techniques, developments and applications.

The unique properties of jetting enable applications which must avoid the heating effects and forces associated with conventional tools. Recent technology advances have led to improved control systems and nozzle design and greater understanding of materials behaviour. At the same time, the emergence of new materials such as composites and ceramics that can only be cut accurately with jetting has created even more opportunities for the use of the technology.

Novel applications of jetting technology have been made in areas such as land mine decommissioning, surgery, recycling of compact discs and cleansing of oil and gas installations. This diversity inevitably leads to opportunities for technology transfer between industries where similar technologies may have very different applications. The knowledge gap between these industries needs to be closed if the full potential of jetting is to be realised.

The 14th International Conference on Jetting Technology was be held in Brugge, Belgium, on 21-23 September 1998. Since 1972, when the first event was organised by BHR Group, the conference has been a major factor in the transfer of fundamental research and development into practical application.

Jetting Technology is an established international conference which has developed a reputation as the leading authority on the subject. As well as covering the latest research, technical developments and applications, the conference will address the issues that must be faced as jetting technology reaches maturity: health and safety, training and operational standards, operational and lifetime costs of jetting and its alternatives, the environmental advantages of recycling water and abrasive materials.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available and contain the following papers:


H Louis, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee

Opening Address

The waterjet as a tool
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA


Influence of accumulator volume on pressure fluctuation of high pressure system
N Herbig, G Retschnik, F Trieb, BÖHLER Hochdrucktechnik GmbH, Austria

CFD and physical modelling of UHP AWJ drilling
H-T Liu, P Miles, Waterjet Technology, Inc, USA; S Veenhuizen, FlowDril Corporation, USA

JETCUT - software for prediction of high energy water jet efficiency
L M Hlavá , VŠB- Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Design and development of a prototype pulsed water jet machine for the removal of hard coatings
M M Vijay, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada

" Rapid" Waterjet
A Armillotta, M Monno, G Moroni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Numerical analysis of pulsed jet formation by electric discharges in a nozzle
M M Vijay, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada; A H Makomaski, Consultant, Canada

Deformation analysis of a high pressure intensifier for jetting technology
Z Krajný, A Gerthoffer, L Javor ík, Slovak University of Technology, The Slovak Republic


Structure and drilling capability of abrasive water suspension jets
S Shimizu, T Miyamoto, Y Aihara, Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan

Modelling the particle acceleration in suspension jet nozzles
C Brandt, S Brandt, H Louis, W Milchers, Ch v Rad, Th v Berlepsch, University of Hannover, Germany

Microstructural characterization of abrasive water jet nozzle wear
M Nanduri, D G Taggart, T J Kim, University of Rhode Island, USA; F P Skeele, Boride Products, USA

Basic concept for the design of an oscillating jets nozzle
F Kiyono, National Institute for Resources & Environment, Japan


Erosion damage of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic and aluminum resulted by a water jet
Y Ito, T Uchiyama, Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Japan

Study on the influence of mixing chamber dimensions in abrasive waterjet cutting heads on cutting efficiency
M Scharner, H Weseslindtner, Technical University of Vienna, Austria; F Trieb, N Herbig, C Haase, BÖHLER Hochdrucktechnik GmbH, Austria

Study of the abrasive waterjet structure by measuring water and abrasive velocities separately
T Sawamura, Y Fukunishi, Tohoku University, Japan; R Kobayashi, Ishinomaki Senshu

University, Japan

Internal ballistics of a powder impulsive water jet device
A Semko, Donetsk State University, Ukraine

Research on the preparation of the ice jet and its cleaning parameters
B L Liu, L-H Liu, L Wu, Huainan Institute of Technology, P R China

Almandine garnets as abrasive material in high energy water jet - physical modelling of interaction, experiment and prediction
L M Hlavá , VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic; P Martinec, Institute of Geonics, Czech Republic

Experimental study of erosive capability distribution and kerf quality in AWJM
E Capello, M Monno, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Abrasive water jet velocity measurements
X Claude, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille and Ecole des Mines de Douai, France; A Merlen, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France; B Thery, Ecole des Mines de Douai, France; O Gatti, Institut d'Electronique et de Microélectronique du Nord, France

A contribution to the analysis of some kerf quality attributes for precision abrasive water jet cutting
A di Lucchio, R Groppetti, T Gutema, Universita degli Studi di Parma, Italy


Contour cutting of thick steel plates
A Bortolussi, R Ciccu, DIGITA - University of Cagliari, Italy

Near-net shaping of optical surfaces with UHP abrasive suspension jets
H-T Liu, Waterjet Technology, Inc, USA

Waterjet finishing of conformal optics
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA; G May, Precor Inc, USA

Machining with fine beam abrasive waterjets
M J Bunce, DIAJET Ltd, UK

Cutting edge quality improvements through geometrical modeling
A Henning, S Anders, Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany

The formation of cryogenic and abrasive-cryogenic jets
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA; C M Dunsky, Electro Scientific Industries Inc, USA

Health and Safety

Garnet minerals - fibrogenicity of respirable dust particles
P Martinec, Institute of Geonics, Czech Republic; V Škoda, Regional Institute of Hygiene, Czech Republic


Carpet recycling with high pressure water jets
M Weiß, Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany

Recycling compact discs using high pressure water jets
J Witzel, KAMAT-Pumpen GmbH & Co KG, Germany


The application of the airlift and the self-excited oscillation pulsed jet on exploiting beach placer
C Tang, Z Liao, L Yang, Chongqing University, P R China

Characteristics of breaking rocks by impulsive water jet device
G Atanov, Donetsk State University, Ukraine

Downhole abrasive jet cutting operations in quarrying mining and civil engineering
R Smoult, BHR Group Limited, UK

Waterjet assisted polycrystalline diamond indentation drilling of rock
P Santi, S Bell, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA; D Pixton, Novatek, USA

Further hard rock cutting with water jet assisted diamond tools
R J Fowell, J A Martin, University of Leeds, UK; H A Smith, Advanced Technology for Rock Excavation Inc, Canada

Demilitarization and Decommissioning

The use of waterjets in the location and exposure of landmines for humanitarian demining
R Denier, T Herrick, R O Mitchell, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

The use of an abrasive waterjet system at 700 bar for the cutting of military munitions as part of a demilitarization program
R D Fossey, M Johnson, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

Application of abrasive water suspension jets for nuclear dismantling
C Brandt, S Brandt, H Louis, W Milchers, Ch v Rad, University of Hannover, Germany; N Eickelpasch, H Kalwa, Versuchsatomkraftwerk Kahl, Germany; H Alba, H Brehmer, Alba Industries GmbH, Germany

Trawsfynydd RPV weld sampling project - robotic UHP water jet cutting
N R Bevan, A Curry, T G Williams, Magnox Generation, UK; A Pattinson, W S Atkins, UK

Utilization of water jets in SS-23 missiles dismantling
J Foldyna, Institute of Geonics, Czech Republic; M Hauner, A Sedla ík, Military Institute for Weapon and Ammunition Technology, Czech Republic

HPWJ - an ideal technology of high efficiency, safety and cleanness
D Cheng, C Guo, X Duan, China University of Mining & Technology, P R China; L Guo, Z Xiao, Xintai Coal Mining Bureau, P R China; M Shieh, Atomic Energy Council, Taiwan; Z Chen, X Dong, Heilongjiang Institute of Mining, P R China


Full automated systems for surface preparation with the ultrahigh-pressure waterjet
I Kamareddine, D Girard, R Schmid, FLOW Europe GmbH, Germany

High pressure waterjet technology for oil pipes cleaning
S X Xue, W P Huang, Z W Chen, Y B Fan, H J Peng, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, P R China

A vanishing abrasive cryogenic jet for airframe depainting
H-T Liu, T Butler, Waterjet Technology, Inc, USA

Testing of the waterjet based system for reactors cleaning
E S Geskin, D Watts, L Tiemenetskiy, E Bachromi, D Shishkin, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

The use of water jet technology for cleaning, cutting, wearing away and renovation of in-accessible pipes and sewers
H Lutze, K Hörger, KEG mbh, Germany

The study of HP pure waterjet impact as the primary mechanism of paint decoating process
T Mabrouki, A Cornier, K Raissi, ENSAM, France


Waterjetting technology in orthopaedic surgery - cutting experiments on bone and bone cement
M Honl, R Rentzsch, E Hille, Barmbek General Hospital, Germany; C Brandt, H Louis, University of Hannover, Germany


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