15th International Conference on

Ronneby, Sweden: 6-8 September 2000

The Conference Proceedings can be purchased from Mrs Marian Rolfe. For further details about the Conference, please see our Events List or contact Mrs Catriona Rolfe, Conference Organiser.

High pressure jetting technology offers a new approach to real life situations where other potential solutions cannot provide the same degree of accuracy, efficiency and performance. Although many of the operational advantages and capabilities are understood, there is still a need for additional information on the latest techniques, developments and applications.

The unique properties of jetting enable applications which must avoid the heating effects and forces associated with conventional tools. Recent technology advances have led to improved control systems and nozzle design and greater understanding of materials behaviour. At the same time, emergence of new materials such as composites and ceramics that can only be cut accurately with jetting has created even more opportunities for the use of the technology.

Novel applications of jetting technology have been made in areas such as land mine decommissioning, surgery, recycling of compact discs and cleaning of oil and gas installations. This diversity inevitably leads to opportunities for technology transfer between industries where similar technologies may have very different applications. The knowledge gap between these industries needs to be closed if the full potential of jetting is to be realised.

Now in its fourth decade, BHR Group's biennial Jetting Technology Conference continued to bring together the world's leading specialists in this technology. Since its first meeting in 1972, the Conference has led to the creation of a number of national meetings and associations to promote the applications of this technology.

With each Conference come new applications, new developments and improved equipment. The focus of the Conference has been steadily changing to reflect the range of new industries adopting jetting techniques to solve their production problems. Beyond industry, the technology is helping to solve some of the world's environmental problems in cleaning and recycling applications and in the decommissioning of explosives and other war materials.


The book of proceedings is now available and contains the following papers:

An In-line Concentration Measurement Device for Abrasive Suspension Jet Systems
M W Gadd, formerly of BHR Group Limited; UK

Controlling of High-pressure Abrasive Water Suspension Jets
S Brandt & H Louis, University of Hannover; Germany

Development of Micro Abrasive Waterjets
D Miller, Miller innovations; UK

Mixing Head for Abrasive-Waterjet Cutting with an Annular Driving Jet
H Weule & U Suchy, University of Karlsruhe; Germany

Cutting of Hollow Structures with Abrasive Water Suspension Jets
H Louis& Ch Von Rad, University of Hannover; Germany

Application of a hand-controlled abrasive water jet system for dismantling of metal components
H Louis & F Pude; University of Hannover, Germany

Water iced technology of removing explosives from the ammunition under utilization
A N Chukov, V Y Sladkov, V A Brenner, A V Michailov; Tula State University, Russia

Cutting and Washout of Chemical Weapons with High Pressure Ammonia Jets
M Hashish; Flow International Corporation,USA, P Miller; Teledyne Brown Engineering, USA

Abrasive Suspension Jet Cutting System for the Ship Repair Industry
M W Gadd; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Evaluation of Tests on Water-Jet Equipment
J Silfwerbrand; Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Hydrodemolition of Concrete Structures by Robotic Equipment, Basic and Field Experience
S Hilmersson; Aquajet Systems AB, Sweden Hydrodemolition L Nilsson; Conjet AB, Sweden

Study of Cutting Quality and Efficiency in Stone Tile Production
L Carrino, W Polini & S Turchetta; Universita degli Studi di Cassino, Italy

Improving the Integrity of Abrasive water Jet Machines and the Potential Aerospace Applications Resulting from it
G Brodrick, C Hughes & P Lake; Rolls Royce plc

The Application of Waterjets in Developing Objects of Art
D A Summers, E Sandys, R Fossey & J Blaine; University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

Environmental System of AWJ After Cut-Process Abrasive Recycling
J F Urbánek, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic & O Koutnv; AQUA dem, s.r.o. Brno, Czech Republic

Optimisation of Abrasive-Workpiece Matching
M Agus, A Bortolussi, N Careddu & R Ciccu; University of Cagliari, Italy


Water-jet Cutting in Medical Use-an Overview
M Honl, R Rentzsch, H Uebeyli, E Hille; Barnbek General Hospital, Germany; M Morlock; Technical University of Hamburg, Germany; H Louis, Univeristy of Hannover, Germany

Effect of Waterjet Peening on the Fatigue Performance of Aluminium
M Ramulu; University of Washington, USA

Numerical Simulation of High Velocity Pure Waterjet Impingement on Coated Material
T Mabrouki, K Raissi & A Cornier; Ecole Nationale Supèrieure d'Arts at Metieus - ENSAM, France

Ice Based Decontamination of Sensitive Surfaces
E S Geskin, B Goldenberg, D Sishkin, K Babets; New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Modeling of Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle Wear Profiles
D G Taggart, T J Kim; Waterjet Research Laboratory, USA

800 MPa Ultra High Pressure for Jetting Applications
M Kotchan & F Trieb; High Pressure Pumps, Austria

Behaviour of Cavities Formed by Submerged Water Jets for Two Kinds of Nozzles
Y Ito, T Yamaguchi, T Sakamoto, Hachinohe Institute of Technology & R Oba, Saitama Institute of Technology , Japan

Reverse flow nozzle for generating natural cavitating or pulsed waterjets. Basic study and applications
M M Vijay, C Bai, W Yan, A Tieu; VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada

Flow Structures and Erosive Properties of Rectangular Cavitating Jets
S Shimizu, J Anami, T Nakagawa & M Sakurai; Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan

A New Rock Hard Tunnelling Method for Reducing Settlement Damage in City Centres
RJ Fowell; University of Leeds, UK., H Louis; University of Hannover, Germany, V Brenner; University of Tula, Russia & J Martin; University of Leeds, UK.

WJ Technology for a Concrete Refurbishment Stack at the Power Plant
L Javorcik; Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia

Measurement of noise characteristics of hydro-jet cutting tools
V A Brenner, AY Pushkarev & KA Golovin; Tula State University, Russia

A lower limit for the feed rate in AWJ precision machining
M Annoni & M Monno; Dip. Mecc. Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Modeling and Optimization of Waterjet Based Surface Processing
K Babets & E S Geskin; New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Modelling of Contour Generation in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
A Henning, G Radons; Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation; R Friedrich, T Ditzinger & S Merkel; University of Stuttgart, Germany

Finite element modelling of abrasive waterjet machining
A I Hassan & J Kosmol; Technical University of Silesia, Poland

Study on the removal of brittle polymers with pure waterjets
H Louis, W Milchers & F Pude; University of Hannover, Germany

AWJ parameters selection: a technical and economical evaluation
S Brandt; University of Hannover, Germany; Z Maros, Bay Zoltan Foundation, Hungary & M Monno; Dip. Mecc, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Observations on Precision Turning with AWJ
M Hashish, J Stewart; Flow International Corporation, USA

Micro-Logistics of AWJ Machining Processes
J F Urbánek; Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

A Suspension Water Jet System for Commercial Applications
R Smoult, Diajet Limited & C Gee, Gee Graphite Limited, UK

Difference and Sameness of Glue Removal for Airport Concrete Runway and Bitumen Runway
S Xue, W Huang, Z Cheng, Y Fan, H Peng, Y Wang, Hefei Waterjet Technology Engineering Co Ltd, General Machinery Research Institute, Hefei P.R. China

A New Abrasive Jetting System for Oil Well Scale Removal
A Johnson, D. Eslinger; Schlumberger, USA

The Use of the Water Jet Technology for Cleaning, Cutting, Wearing Away and Renovation of Non-Accessible Pipes and Sewers'
K Hörger & H Lutze, KEG, Germany


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