17th International Conference on
Water Jetting
Advances and Future Needs

Mainz, Germany: 7- 9 September 2004

This programme is for guidance only, and may be subject to change


The following papers will be presented:


Effectiveness of Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet up to 700 Mpa
T Susuzlu, A M Hoogstrate, B Karpuschewski, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Recycling of Technological

Surfaces having been subject to undesirable modifications
AI Sviridenok, MI Ignatovsky, Scientific Research Centre, Byelorussia; VA Brenner, AY Pushkarev, Tula State University, Russia

Relation between the damage of fragile coatings and the corresponding water jet parameters
H Louis, A Schenk, University of Hannover, Germany; VP Stavrov, VV Stavrov, Belorussian State Technological University, Minsk

Incremental sheet metal forming process with a water jet and solid rigid tool
B Jurisevic, M Junkar, Laboratory for Alternative Technologies, Slovenia; S Jadhav, M Kleiner, University of Dortmund, Germany; K Kuzman, Laboratory for Forming, Slovenia

Load balancing of multiple high pressure pumps feeding into a common network
W Stepien, W Emrich, KMT, Germany

Developments on optimized Autofrettage of high pressure components for waterjet cutting pumps from Bohler Company
F Trieb, J Schedelmaier, M Poelzl, Bohler Hochdrucktechnik, Austria

Analysis of the abrasive waterjet drilling process models
M Ramulu, P Posinasetti, University of Washington, USA

Precision Cutting of thick materials with AWJ
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA

AWJ Cutting at 600 Mpa
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA


Experimental investigation of rectangular pocket milling with abrasive water jet using specially designed tool
S. Zhang, D Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, J Shepherd, PIW, USA

Experiences of a job shop with 6 kbar abrasive water-jet cutting technology during day to day operation
I. Lefevre, R Lefevre, T Stinckens, L & D Jet Techniek, Diest, Belgium; P Koerner, C Luetge, H Werth, Uhde
High Pressure Technologies GmbH, Germany

Application of ASME section VIII, division 3 to high pressure design
D Roll, M Mann, KMT Waterjet Systems, USA

A model for the simulation of the pressure signal in waterjet systems
M Annoni, M Monno, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy


Experimental study of abrasive water jet nozzle candidate materials
J. Bao, S. Zhang, T. Huang, J.W. Newkirk, G. E. Hilmas, D.A. Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

Experimental study of particle velocity measurement in abrasive water jet cutting in the nozzle and jet stream using multiple sensing elements Y Dong, J Tyler, D. A. Summers; University of Missouri-Rolla, USA; M Johnson, Naval Surface Warfare Centre, USA

Effects of pressure fluctuations and vibration phenomenon on striation formation in WJ/AWJ cutting
A. Karpinski, H. Louis, M. Monno, D. Peter, C. Ravasio, C. Scheer, U. Südmersen, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Fluid dynamics of abraisve waterjet cutting heads
Don Miller, Miller Innovations, England

Improvement of Fatigue Strength by using a Cavitating Jet in Air
H Soyama, M Mikami, K Homma, Tohoku University, Japan


Remote high pressure water jet cutting used at the BR3 nuclear dismantling site
L. Denissen, L. Ooms, SCK.CEN, Belgium; H. Davain, Belgatom, Belgium

Gradient Technology's high pressure waterjet demilitarization system
S Reynolds, KMT Waterjet, USA; P Miller, Gradient Technology, USA

Controlling the cutting process of Abrasive Waterjets for remote controlled systems
M Cabiddu, University degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy; H Louis, D Peter, F Pude, Chr Scheer, U Suedmersen, University of Hannover, Germany

Abrasive waterjet cutting through 40mm munitions casing
G Galecki, DA Summers, J Newkirk, R Fossey University of Missouri-Rolla, USA; M Johnson, Naval Surface Warfare Cener, Indiana USA

Feasibility of removal of the tracer element from various projectiles
B Fossey, D Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla; J Herrington, Southern Ammunition Company, USA

Fire fighting with water jetting techniques
L Larsson, CCS-Cobra, Sweden


Utilization of the optical methods for analyses of cutting edges
J. Valícek, l.M. Hlavác, VSB Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic; H. Louis, A. Schenk, Institute Werkstoffkunde, Germany; M. Držík, J. Chlpik, International Laser Centre, Slovak Republic

Testing of self-resonating chambers- experimental results
L. M. Hlavác, M. Kušnerová, V. Mádr, I. M. Hlavácová, Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic

Cutting Performance of cutting nonabrasive waterjets
Ricardo Cadavid, Carsten Loof, Frank Severin, Dieter Wustenberg, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany A

Thermographical Map of the tool and workpiece during the cutting process by plain waterjet and abrasive waterjet up to 900 Mpa
H Louis, M Mohamed, F Pude, A Schenk, University of Hannover, Germany

Abrasion mechanisms at the cutting front in abrasive waterjet process
A Henning, E Westkamper, Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany

Performance of high power abrasive waterjets
A Henning, Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany


An investigation into the creative uses of abrasive water-jet for glass, from the perspective of an artist
V. Cutler, University of Sunderland, Sunderland

Ultra-precision finishing for the femoral head of the artificial hip joint by means of abrasive waterjet
Shin'ichi Warisawa, Hiroshi Sawano, Mamoru Mitsuishi, The University of Tokyo, Japan; Kouichi Kuramoto, Nakashima Propeller Co Ltd, Japan

Machining of bony interference screws by means of an abrasive water jet
C Biskup, H Louis, F Pude, University of Hannover; L Kirsch, S Schmolke, Hannover Medical School, Germany


Water jet researches at University of Sao Paulo: Part 5 rock milling
Antonio Stellin Junior, Valena H Lauand, Wildo Hennies, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Water jet researches at University Sao Paulo: Part 6 rock cutting. Mineral behaviour
G R M Cortes, C T Lauand, Wildo Hennies, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Waterjet assisted tools for rock excavation
A Bortolussi, Istituto di Geologia Ambientale e Geoingengneria, Italy, R Ciccu, B Grosso, C Loddo, Universita degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy, J Vasek, Czech Academey of Sciences, Czech Republic


A sheathed nozzle for abrasive water suspension jets in submerged environments
S. Shimizu, T. Nishiyama, Institute of Technology, Japan

Submerged Application of Abrasive Water Suspension Jets (AWSJs)
T N Hung, Center for Project & Investment Consultancy, Vietnam; H Louis, D Peter, T Senne, Institute of Materials Science, Germany

Development of theoretical foundations of the surface water and ice jet erosion
AY Pushkarev, VA Brenner, YN Naumov, IM Lavit, KA Golovin, EN Grigor'eva, Tula State University, Russia

Properties of high pressure hybrid jet used for surface treatment
P Borkowski, University of Koszalin, Poland

Removal of delaminated concrete and cleaning the rust off the reinforcing bars using high-frequency forced pulsed waterjet
M Vijay, W Yan, A Tieu, B Ren, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada; G Guruswami, Public Works and Government Services, Canada Rate of penetration of a small diameter long reach drill P Johnson, A Graeitinger, C Sewell, University of Alabama, USA

Water jetting in clay and concrete sewers: a new angle on an old debate
SA Campbell, CA Fairfield, Napier University, UK


Unsteady behaviour of cavity boundary directly related to cavity discharge
Y.Ito, K. Kobayashi, Hichinohe Institute of Technology, Japan; R Oba, Tohoku University, Japan

Development of ultra high pressure waterjet equipment for rust dismantling on plane surface
H. Peng, S. Xue, Y. Fan, Y. Wang, C. Xu, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, China

Simulation of multi-nozzle rotational cleaning tools
H Louis, F Pude, A Schenk, University of Hannover, Germany; V P Stavrov, V V Stavrov, Belarussian State Tech University, Minsk

A mobile closed water ciruit for ultra-high pressure abrasive blasting (UHPAB) processes
AW Momber, Muhlhan Equipment Leasing, Germany; WD Greverath, Muhlhan International, Germany

A comparison between grit-blasting (AB), water jetting (UHP) and ultra-high pressure abrasive blasting (UHPAB) for steel surface preparation AW Momber, Muhlhan Equipment Leasing, Germany; J Koller, Germanischer Lloyd, Germany

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