18th International Conference on
Water Jetting
Gdansk, Poland: 13 - 15 September 2006


The development of ultra high-pressure pumps in the early 1970s transformed the water jetting industry and led to the birth of this International Conference. Since the first conference, water jetting has grown into a mature industry with applications ranging from precision shaping of hard-to-machine materials, to environmentally friendly cleaning in many industries, the decommissioning of munitions and the removal of damaged flesh from severe wounds.

The addition of abrasives to waterjets has resulted in a cutting tool with unique capabilities, including the ability to cut without heat. Difficult cleaning problems have been solved using the technology, increasing the scope for recycling waste product. Decommissioning weapons, nuclear installations and oil and gas facilities in safety is now simpler. Fire fighting, rescue and other emergency service challenges are examples of some of the life-saving solutions achieved by water jetting.

Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.



Paradigm shifts in abrasive waterjet technologies
D S Miller, Miller Innovations, UK


Development of an abrasive water jet optimal abrasive flow rate model for titanium alloy cutting
S J Zhang, G Galecki, D A Summers, Univesity of Missouri-Rolla, USA; C Swallow, Boeing Company, USA

Energy efficiency of abrasive waterjet cutting beyond 400 MPa
T Susuzlu, A M Hoogstrate, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Collateral damage by stagnation pressure build-up during abrasive-fluidjet piercing
H-T Liu, OMAX Corporation, USA

Considerations in the installation of a precision 5 axis waterjet cutting system
R D Fossey, D A Summers, G Galecki, L J Tyler, S Zhang, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA


Design optimization of waterjet intensifiers using the hard-seal end-cap concept
E D Roll, J D Stephens, KMT Waterjet Systems, Inc., USA

Water jet system characterization, monitoring and control based on pump motor power signal analysis
M Annoni, L Cristaldi, M Monno, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; M Lazzaroni, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Measurements of high pressure and flow rate on pumps for waterjet cutting under laboratory and site conditions
F Trieb, R Karl, R Moderer, Böhler Hochdrucktechnik GmbH, Austria


Improvement of abrasive jet efficiency in cutting operations
A Bortolussi, National Research Council, Italy; R Ciccu, B Grosso, University of Cagliari, Italy

Testing of parameters for turning by abrasive water jets
L M Hlavác, P Palicka, Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic

Dolerite rock cut by abrasive water jet
W T Hennies, C T Lauand, G R M Cortés, Universtity of São Paulo, Brazil

Energy conservation and integrated waterjet mining and milling
J G Garcia Joo, L W Saperstein, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA


Machining honeycomb composites with abrasive-waterjets
H-T Liu, OMAX Corporation, USA

The delamination problem of the glass fibre reinforced composites during the abrasive water jet cutting
A Karpinski, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Poland; E Wantuch, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Portable cutting applications
M J Bunce, T R Fewell, Diajet Ltd, UK

Singulation of micro SD cards with AWJ
M Hashish, Flow International Corporation, USA

Temperature measurement during abrasive water jet cutting of cortical bone blocs measured by thermocouples
F-W Bach, C Biskup, G Kremer, A Schenk, University of Hannover, Germany; L Kirsch, Hannover Medical School, Germany; S Schmolke, Orthopaedic Hospital Annastift, Germany

An investigation into the creative uses of waterjet and the difficulties encountered through the development of personal artwork and artworks for other artists working with glass
V Cutler, University of Sunderland, UK

Investigation on abrasive waterjet cutting for the dismantling of thick-walled and complex structures
F-W Bach, G Kremer, D Peter, A Schenk, University of Hannover, Germany

Environmental remediation using high-pressure waterjets for emplacement of treatment media
J W Cable, R Dilly, A C Elmore, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA; M L Duchene, EnviroMetal Technologies, Inc., USA


Cost optimization for multiple-head AWJ cutting
A M Hoogstrate, V N Pi, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; B Karpuschewski, Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany

Three dimensional method of material forming using high-pressure abrasive-water jet controlled by flat image luminance
P Borkowski, T Zukocinski, The Koszalin University of Technology, Poland

Glass milling with abrasive water jetting
V Hennies Lauand, A Stellin Junior, W T Hennies, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Contrasting performance in the use of AWJ and ASJ systems in the cutting of titanium
P Nambiath, G Galecki, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA; C Swallow, Boeing Company, USA

Effects of diamond orifice geometry on water jet cutting performance
M Annoni, M Monno, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

An experimental investigation of the kerf realised by AWJ: the influence of the pressure fluctuations
M Monno, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; G Pellegrini, C Ravasio, Università di Bergamo, Italy


Abrasive-entrained high-frequency pulsed waterjet: basic study and applications
C Bai, S Chandra, University of Toronto, Canada; B Daniels, B Ren, W Yan, A Tieu, M Vijay, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada

Structure and erosive characteristics of water jet issuing from fan jet nozzle
S Shimizu, Nihon University, Japan

The need for quantifying waterjetted surface texture for FRP adhesion
G Galecki, N Maerz, A Nanni, D A Summers, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

Increase of erosive potential of water jets by laser pulsing
F-W Bach, A Schenk, G Kremer, C Biskup, University of Hannover, Germany; O Meier, M Fargas, J Bunte, P Jäschke, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Germany

Removal of hard metallic and non-metallic aerospace coatings with high-frequency forced pulsed waterjet machine
M M Vijay, W Yan, B Ren, A Tieu, B Daniels, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Canada


Testing of induced frequencies during submerged use of water jets
L M Hlavác, J Kalicinský, I M Hlavácová, V Mádr, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Cutting depth prognosis of the AWJM process using the FE method
T Wala, J Kosmol, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Empirical modelling of hole piercing with abrasive waterjets
H-T Liu, OMAX Corporation, USA

The use of artificial neural networks in modelling the high pressure, suspensive waterjet cutting process of marble
A Perec, G Dzuga, M Ruzylo, Technical Koszalin University of Technology, Poland

Analysis of the cutting front in abrasive waterjet cutting
A Henning, E Westkämper, Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany

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BHR Group's Activities in Water Jetting

BHR Group's involvement in jetting began in 1972 with its first International Conference on this important technology. Since the early 1980's we have continued to investigate, research, develop and extend the capability of abrasive waterjet cutting processes - particularly for difficult, inaccessible and hazardous operations.

Particular emphasis has been placed on directly injected, abrasive suspension jet development, of which DIAJET is the prime example. BHR Group's Jetting Technology Centre team comprises of specialists working on a range of problems from underwater cutting to fine high beam precision machining of difficult materials and explosives decommissioning. Services to clients range from cutting trials to consultancy, research, and equipment supply. Complete cutting systems are developed and supplied for specific applications, along with technical support, training and back-up services.


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