2nd North American Conference
Multiphase Technology

Banff, Canada: 21-23 June 2000


The proceedings of this conference are available from: Mrs Marian Rolfe. For more information on this series of Conferences, please contact Mrs. Catriona Rolfe or see our Events List.


The economic benefits of designing for multiphase flow when developing marginal offshore oil and gas discoveries and/or land-based fields in remote locations have led to significant research aimed at improving our understanding of this complex technology. Better design methods have been developed, not only for transporting multiphase hydrocarbon fluids over long distances, but also for pumping, metering and processing equipment. Pressure on minimizing costs and the need to develop smaller, and/or deeper and/or more remote fields will continue to spur the application of multiphase technology. However, the risk of adopting new technology can only be overcome with knowledge and expertise, by field use, or by force of circumstances where it is seen to be the only viable method. Business, economic, and technical rewards are there for those organisations who continue to extend the boundaries of the technology while managing risk.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available containing the following papers.


G Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants; C Redus, TUFFP


Wellbore Temperature Profile Calculations for Underbalanced Drilling Applications
G A Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd, Canada

Pipeline transport of oil with strongly temperature dependent viscosity
B Strand, S M Djuve, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

Experimental Investigation of Multiple Solutions for Liquid Holdup in Upward Inclined Stratified Flow
S P Smith, G A Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd; H W Yarranton, University of Calgary, Canada


A New Model for Dispersed Multi-Layer Oil-Water Flow
S S Jayawardena, B Alkaya, C L Redus, J P Brill, The University of Tulsa, USA

The Effect of Surfactants on Low Water Cut Oil-water Flows in Large Diameter Pipelines
H Shi, J Y Cai, M Gopal, W P Jepson, NSF I/UCRC, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ohio University, USA

Modelling of Corrosion Inhibitor Transport in Pipelines Carrying Oil-Water Mixtures
M O Vargas, Pemex Exploration and Production; A R Figueroa, Y V. Fairuzov, Institute of Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico


The Effect of Inclination on Slug Characteristics in Three Phase, Oil/Water/Gas Flow in Large Diameter Pipes
C Kang, D Vedapuri, M Gopal and W P Jepson, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University, USA

Modeling of Slug Dissipation and Generation in a Hilly Terrain Pipeline
H-Q Zhang, E M Al-Safran, S S Jayawardena, C L Redus, J P Brill, TUFFP, The University of Tulsa, USA

Characterisation and Active Control of Slugging in a Vertical Riser
P D Molyneux, A Tait, J Kinvig, BG Technology Ltd, UK


Three-Phase Slug Tracking with PeTra
M Larsen, Institute for Energy Technology, P Hedne, Statoil R&D, Norway

Towards a Slug Flow Model for Multiphase Flow with Complex Liquids
S Nuland, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway


New Developments in Flow Modelling and Field Data Verification
J Nossen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; R H Shea, Scandpower Inc, USA; J Rasmussen, Scandpower AS, Norway

Application of Multiphase Flow Methods to Underbalanced Drilling Pilot Test Data
S P Smith, G A Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd, Canada; P Brand, Blade Energy Partners, Canada


A Study of the Performance of Venturi Meters in Multiphase Flow
A R W Hall, M J Reader-Harris, B C Millington, National Engineering Laboratory, UK

Performance Tests on A Low Cost Multiphase Flow Meter
C Barreiros Costa Silva, M J. Borges Filho, Petrobras Research Centre; J A. Pinheiro Silva Filho, Petrobras E&P, Brazil

Coupling PVT-software with Multiphase Meters
A K Rydahl, Calsep Inc, USA; H Soerensen, Calsep A/S, Denmark


Real Time Multiphase Metering by Non-Intrusive Microwave Sensor
A I Al-Shamma’a, B Hogan, J Lucas, Dept of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, The University of Liverpool, UK

Design of a Clamp-on Ultrasonic Liquid Flowrate Monitor for Wet Gas Pipelines
D Vedapuri, M Gopal, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University, USA

Development of a Wet Gas Flow Meter
P Andreussi, P Ciandri, V Faluomi, TEA Sistemi, Italy

Development and testing of a novel gas-liquid flow meter >combining vertical and horizontal specific flow structures induced pressure fluctuations
P. Toma, R. Ridley, T. Renenberg, M. Chen, Flow and Sensor Technologies (FAST), Alberta Research Council, Canada


Leakage Management by a New Sealing System for Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps
J-U Brandt, D Müller-Link, SPE, G Rohlfing, Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH, Germany; J F Kinser, Bornemann Pumps Inc, USA

Smart Sensors for Controlling Oil-Water Separation Processes
A J Jaworski, T Dyakowski, G A Davies, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology (UMIST), UK

Application of Jet Pumps Handling Multiphase Flow
M M Sarshar and N A Beg, BHR Group Limited, UK


Transient Multiphase Flow Analysis Applied to Hydrate Control in Deep Water Production
P. Lezeau , E. Leporcher, J Kolnes, Elf Petroleum Norge AS, Norway

Design, Implementation and Operation of Deepwater Flow Assurance Test Facilities
X T Chen, A Woerheide, M T Rubel, Texaco Upstream Technology; C L Redus, The University of Tulsa, USA

Multiphase Flow Wax Deposition Modelling
A Matzain, Petronas Research & Scientific Services, Malaysia; H-Q Zhang, M Volk, C L Redus, J P Brill, The University of Tulsa, USA; M S Apte, Shell Technology EP, USA, J L Creek, Chevron Petroleum Technology, USA

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