10th International Conference
Dream...... Design...... Develop...... Deploy......

Cannes, France: 13-15 June, 2001

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group.

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The decision on whether or not to use multiphase will affect both the economic viability of an asset and its sustainability (i.e. safe and environmentally acceptable design, operation and control). Judging the benefits and risks of a multiphase solution as all or part of a field development scenario needs to balance the technical case with hard evidence of the performance and track-record of systems under field conditions.

Since 1983 the multiphase production conference has followed the development and industrial uptake of multiphase technology, and is in the enviable position of attracting technical experts and innovators together with leaders in application and operation of multiphase production systems. This fusion of leading-edge research and hard-earned practical experience places the conference as a "must" in the calendar for those engaged in the development or application of this technology.

Conference Program

Slugs, waves and the law of the jungle
C P Hale, G F Hewitt, M J S King, C J Lawrence, P D Manfield, M A Mendes-Tatsis, U A Odozi, P M Ujang, W L Wong, Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK

Prediction of slug length distribution along a hilly terrain pipeline using a slug tracking model
E M Al-Safran, TUFFP, USA; Y Taitel, Tel Aviv University, Israel; J P Brill, TUFFP, USA

The modelling of slug flow properties
M Watson, Hyprotech - AEA Technology, UK

Measurement of phase fractions by a microwave array sensor. Application to multiphase metering
A Faraj, M Constant, J-M Alliot, Institut Français du Petrole, France; O Debailleul, DEI, France

Is it really possible to use a choke valve as multiphase flow meter? The CVAF from laboratory to the field
C Alimonti, A Basso, U Bilard, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; A Pelliccia, Enterprise Oil Italiana, Italy

Oil/water slip in inclined pipes and application to downhole separation
S A Håheim, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

An experimental study and theoretical modelling of two-phase flow in horizontal or slightly deviated fully eccentric annuli
R Rommetveit, RF-Rogaland Research, Norway; A C V M Lage, Petrobras; R W Time, R F-Rogland Research, Stavanger College, Norway

Hydrodynamic behaviour of a flexible riser - a comparison of experimental data and three transient code predictions
H C Yeung, J A Montgomery, Cranfield University, UK

Multiphase flow experiments on a high pressure recombines gas/condensate/water system
T Solbakkenm, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway; R B Schuller, Agriculural University of Norway, Norway

Pressure Drop and wall wetting; the effect of pipe wall material in multiphase flow
B H Pettersen, M Langshot, J Ødegård, Institute of Energy Technology, Norway

Experiments and modelling of Gas-liquid flow in a S-Shaped riser
O J Nydal, M Audibert, M Johansen, Norweigian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Gas-liquid-sand flows in horizontal pipelines: a novel model
A Warner, L Letizia, Hyprotech - AEA Technology, UK

Compositional simulation of wax deposition in pipelines: examples of application
N Lindeloff, K Krejbjerg, Calsep A/S, Denmark

Evaluation of a low dosage hydrate inhibitor in hydrocarbon fluid systems at high subcooling
A Rasch, A Mikalsen, L H Gjertsen, Statoil Research and Technology Development, Norway; B Fu, Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals LP, USA

The similarity of sand transport by slug flow and hydraulic conveying
P Stevenson, R B Thorpe, J E Kennedy, Cambridge University, UK

MASTERCLASS: A Problem-Solving Forum™
Gas hydrate slurry flow - a flow modeler looks at the state of slurry rheology modeling
S Nuland, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; R Vilagines, IFP, France

Oil-water-gas flow in steeply inclined pipes
M Langsholt, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; H Holm, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

Real time modelling of multiphase flow systems
A P Hunt, A B Cutler, Technology Initiatives Ltd, UK; J Lecourtier, C Pauchon, Institut Français du Pétrole, France

Analysis of blow-out of oil wells
P Andreussi, University of Pisa, Italy; M Bonuccellio, V Faluomi, A Ansiati, TEA Sistemi, Italy; P Blotto, ENI-AGIP Division, Italy

Important tips for setting up simulation models for multiphase flow in pipelines
Z G Xu, Scandpower A/S, Norway; D Shea, Scandpower Inc, USA

Experiences and improvement work for the installed bundle for Norway's Gullfaks South Field
G Flaten, T Heskestad, E Sletfjerding,Statoil, Norway; T Sira, Institut fur Energie teknikk, Norway

The slug suppression system; field data and dynamic simulations
R Henkes, G Haandrikman, L Vreenegoor, Shell Global Solutions, Netherlands

Comparison of different air injection methods to improve gas-lift performance
S van Geest, R V A Oliemans, Kramers Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; J H Ellepola, Shell International Exploration & Production BV, Netherlands

A spread-sheet tool to ease the selection of a deepwater production network
P Lezeau, TotalFinaElf, France; E Leporcher, TotalFinaElf, Norway

Flow conditions for simultaneous water and gas injection
R Killie, L Nøkleberg, S Håheim, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

Control of hydrate formation in flow lines during transport or shutdown conditions
V Lachet, E Duret, E Heintzé, V Henriot, Institut Français du Pétrole, France

Gelling and restart behaviour of waxy crude oils from a North Sea field: a study on the effect of solution gas, mixing with other fluids and pour point depressants
H P Rønningsen, Statoil, Norway; K Karan, DB Robinson Research Ltd, Canada

Effects of oil viscosity on DRA effectiveness and the components of pressure drop in inclined slug flow
M Daas, C Kang, W P Jepson, Centre for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, USA

Droplet break-up in turbulent oil-in-water flow through restrictions in a pipe
M J van der Zande, Philips Research Laboratories, Netherlands; W M G T van den Broek, J H Muntinga, K R van Heuven, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Cyclonic de-watering with complex emulsions
A Belaidi, M T Thew, University of Bradford, UK; S J Munaweera, Norsk Hydro Research Centre, Norway

Analysis of results of a rotary separator turbine on the shell Ram/Powell TLP
GD Ross, C H Rawlins, Multiphase Technologies, Australia;
K C Oxley, Shell Deepwater Development Systems Inc, USA; H Rawlins, Kvaerner Process Systems Inc

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