3rd North American Conference on

Banff, Canada: 6-7 June, 2002

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group.

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BHR Group has been running Multiphase Conferences in Europe for almost 20 years and has seen the technology develop from its theoretical beginnings to current maturity where it now offers a practical technological solution for many transportation problems. In collaboration with Neotechnology Consultants of Calgary, Canada, and Tulsa University Fluid Flow Program, this sister Conference brings together experts from across the American Continents and world-wide.

The developments which have taken place in the oil and gas industry using multiphase solutions have enabled the industry to improve its production performance, extend its operations and address previously insoluble problems. The lessons learnt, the modelling techniques developed and the practical experiences of its users will be of value to engineers in a range of industries including oil and gas, process, chemicals, mining, water and power industries.

Contents of Proceedings

Prediction of sand behaviour in intermittent flow using the long slug approximation
P. Stevenson, University of Newcastle, Australia; J.E. Kennedy, BP Exploration, UK; R.B. Thorpe, University of Surrey, UK

Measurement of heat transfer coefficients in pipeline flow of Athabasca bitumen froth
J. Schaan, R.S. Sanders, Syncrude Canada Ltd, Canada; C. Litzenberger, R.G. Gillies, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada; C.A. Shook, C.A. Shook Consulting Ltd, Canada

Comparison of correlations for predicting wellbore pressure losses in gas-condensate and gas-water wells
M. D. Trick, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd, Canada

Numerical modelling of cuttings transport with foam in horizontal wells
Y. Li, E. Kuru, University of Alberta, Canada

Foam flow modelling in underbalanced drilling - current reliability and future direction
S.P. Smith, G.A. Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd, Canada

The turbulent pipe flow of a drilling mud
P.T. Slatter, V.G. Pienaar, Cape Technikon, South Africa; R. Jachnik, Baker-Hughes Oasis, UK

Field testing of first multiphase pump in Saudi Arabia
S.G. Barlow, A.A. Hamoud, S.M. Al-Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Wet gas compression - a logical step to follow multiphase boosting
D. Müller-Link, J-U. Brandt, M. Reichwage, G. Schröder; Joh.Heinr Bornemann GmbH, Germany

A compact gas-liquid separator with fluidic control
G.H. Priestman, J.R. Tippetts, University of Sheffield, UK

Application of multiphase desander technology to oil and gas production
C.H. Rawlins, Kvaerner Process Systems, USA

Transient modelling applications and lessons learned, case studies from oil and gas fields
S. Kashou, P. Matthews, ChevronTexaco Exploration & Production Technology Company, USA; D. Shea, Scandpower Petroleum Technology Inc., USA

Optimizing multiphase pumping equipment for actual field conditions
A. Prang, R. Hartt, Flowserve Corporation, Canada; P. Cooper, Fluid Machinery Research, Inc., USA

Two-phase liquid flows in inclined pipelines
J. Y-L. Lum, J. Lovick, P. Angeli, University College London, UK

Formation of dispersions or emulsions under controlled flow conditions
C. Noik, C. Dalmazzone, Institut Francais du Petrole, France; O. Rambeau, C. Simonet, TotalFinaElf, France

Flow patterns for crude oil-water flow at low water cuts
S. Munaweera, H-K. Kvandal, B. Robole, A. Valle, Norsk Hydro Research Centre, Norway

Effect of water-soluble drag reducing agent in liquid/gas slug flow
C. Kang, W.P. Jepson, Control Center LLC, USA; L. Tullius, Cytech Industry, USA

Forces on pipe bends due to slug flow
B.L. Tay, University of Cambridge, UK; R.B. Thorpe, University of Surrey, UK

Slug characteristics and flow pattern transitions
H-Q. Zhang, Q. Wang, C. Sarica, J.P. Brill, TUFFP, The University of Tulsa, USA

Features of two-phase gas/liquid flow at a combining T junction.
Belghazi, B.J Azzopardi, T. Jones, University of Nottingham, UK; M. Fossa, University of Genova, Italy

A compositional model for transient multiphase flow in pipelines
Z.G. Xu, K.E. Bjurstrøm, Scandpower Petroleum Technology AS, Norway; C.P. Rasmussen, Calsep A/S, Denmark

Validation of a three phase gas-liquid-solid flow simulator with PWD data
Y. Sharma, M. Hoshino, T. Yonezawa, Japan National Oil Corporation, Japan; P. Acuna, PDVSA INTEVEP, Venezuela

The Field Simulator - combined multiphase flow and process simulation
A Ek, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; O. Østby, Kongsberg Simrad, Norway; J.G. Waalmann, Aker Technology, Norway

Measurement of the oil and water superficial velocities in vertical and inclined oil-in-water flows
G.P. Lucas, University of Huddersfield, UK; N.D. Jin, Daqing Petroleum Institute, China

EM wave sensor for wet gas metering
A.I. Al-Shamma'a, A. Shaw, J. Lucas, University of Liverpool, UK

Statistical investigations of the voltage signal obtained from the V-H multiphase flowmeter in a broad range of gas-liquid superficial velocities
P. Toma, R. Ridley, Alberta Research Council, Canada; H. Zhang, University of Alberta, Canada

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