4th North American Conference on
Multiphase Technology

Banff, Canada, 3-4 June 2004

Conference Publications
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In collaboration with Neotechnology Consultants of Calgary, Canada, and Tulsa University Fluid Flow Program, the Multiphase Conference brought together experts from across the American Continents and Worldwide. BHR Group has been running Multiphase conferences in Europe for 20 years and has seen the Technology develop from its theoretical beginnings to its current maturity where it now offers a practical technological solution for many transportation problems. The developments, which have taken place in the oil and gas industry using multiphase solutions have enabled the industry to improve its production performance, extend its operations and address previously insoluble problems. The lessons learnt, the modelling techniques developed and the practical experiences of its users will be of value to engineers in a range of industries including oil and gas, process, chemicals, mining, water and power industries.

BHR Group's Conference has been the premier international event providing delegates with the opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative solutions and to explore technology transfer between industries. Its technical quality makes this event an essential diary date for all engineers concerned with any aspect of multiphase technology.

The following papers were presented:

Unstable oil-water flow in horizontal wells
S Vest°l, O J°rgen Nydal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; R Schulkes, Norsk Hydro, Norway; M Dalsmo, ABB, Norway

Inversion of multiphase flow models for multiphase well logging: larger diameters and slightly inclined pipes
O M H Rodriguez, R F Mudde, R Oliemans, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Experimental study of effects of liquid properties and pipe diameter on low liquid loading horizontal two-phase flow in pipes
Y Fan, Q Wang, H Zhang, C Sarica, University of Tulsa, USA

Measurements of pressure drop over a hydraulic jump in a horizontal two-phase water/air flow
J A Julshamn, Hagskolen I Telemark; R Schulkes, Norsk Hydro Oil & Energy; M C Melaaen, Telemark University

Leak detection Iong distance slurry pipelines
B Ricks, BRASS Engineering International, LLC, USA

Pipeline transport of sand by heavy oil-water mixture
M J McKibben, R G Gillies, C A Shook, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada

Influence of the characterisitics of a thin liquid film on the behaviour of a venturi meter
A Lupeau, J Escande, Gaz de France; J P Couput, Total, France, P Gajan, A Strzelecki, ONERA, France

Uncertainty analysis of a wet gas test facility
T Kegel, Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc., USA

Investigation of three-phase flow measurement capabilities of a self-validating dynamic coriolis meter
B Adejuyigbe, I Uvwo, O Ejodfodomi, J Liu, S L Scott, Texas A & M University, USA; R Lansangan, R Dutton, Invensys/Foxboro, USA

A mechanistic heat transfer model for horizontal two-phase flow
R Manabe, Japan National Oil Corp., Japan, Q Wang, H Zhang, C Sarica, J Brill, The University of Tulsa, USA

Transient conjugate heat transfer in an oil pipeline after a flow stoppage
Y Fairuzov, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Occurrence of density wave instability in gas-lift wells
B Hu, M Golan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Real-time optimisation using an integrated asset model
M Szatny, A Howel, Aspen Technology, USA; M Shippen, Schlumberger Information Services, USA

Pipeline wax deposition models and model for removal of wax by pigging: comparison between model predictions and operational experience
L Hovden, A Rydahl, Z Gang Xu, Scandpower Petroleum Technology AS; C Labes-Carrier, H Petter Ronningsen, Statoil ASA

Correlating between the coaxial shear cold finger, the university of tulsa flow loop and the university of tulsa wax model and relating these results to actual field scenarios
J L Garda˝o, Nalco Energy Services and Texas A & M University, USA, S J Allenson, Nalco Energy Services, USA, S Scott, Texas A & M University, USA

The impact of the droplet size of distribution on crude oil emulsion flow insurance
R C G Oliveira, CENPES/Petrobras, Brazil; M C K Oliveira, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Severe slugging elimination technique in multiphase production
E Duret, Y Peysson, Q H Tran, Institut Franšais du PÚtrole, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris, France

Slug frequency prediction method comparison
R H Shea, M Nordsveen, J Rasmussen, Z G Xu, Scandpower, USA; J Nossen, Institute for Energy Tecnology, Norway

Slug flow analysis using a scalded loop and keeping the multiphase flow similarity
J R Fagundes Netto, E F Caetano, PETROBRAS, Brazil

Robust advanced control algorithms for slug suppression
C Manson, I Robertson, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants

Three phase flow in complex geometries
W Wong, C P Hale, G F Hewitt, C Lawrence, H Bin, P M Ujajang, D Parsonnage, P Mayer, Imperial College, London

An analysis of flow improver effects on interfacial characteristics in horizontal flow conditions
C Kang, W P Jepson, S Dunbar, C C Technologies, USA

Variations of flow patterns in two phase gas-liquid flows by drag-reducing polymers
A Al-Sarkhi, Hashemite University, Jordan

Multiphase drag reduction in vertical flows
R Fernandes, Shell International Exploration & Production, The Netherlands, B Fleck, G Rodriguez, University of Alberta, USA

A model for the delivering characteristic of multi-phase pumps
T Rausch, Th. Vauth, D Mewes, University of Hannover, Germany; M Reichwage, Bornemann Pumps, Germany

Improved performance calculation method for multiphase twin-screw pumps
A J Prang, Flowserve, Canada; P Cooper, Fluid Machinery Research, Inc., USA

Subsea multiphase boosting - A full size test rig
D MŘller-Link, G Rohlfing, M Reichwage, Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH, Germany

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