12th International Conference on
Multiphase Production Technology '05

Barcelona, Spain: 25 - 27 May 2005

Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.


The Technical Committee of the 12th International Conference changed the way this prestigious event was structured for their 2005 Conference.

As corporate structures change, two distinct groups of specialists charged by their organisations to provide expertise on a wide range of technical problems associated with Multiphase Production Technology have emerged.

Some specialists have worked for many years in this field amassing considerable knowledge and experience. The industry looks to these people to keep the technology developing through the adoption of novel operational solutions and innovative techniques based upon sound knowledge and experience. Papers, presentations and networking from this conference over the years have built upon this reservoir of practical capabilities.

In recent years many young engineers have joined the industry, having been trained in the very latest techniques and are now eager to contribute to technology development. They need to understand quickly and effectively what is the current state of the art in key areas of the technology. Answers to the questions: What can be done now? Who are the leaders in each area? Where can I go to learn this knowledge? are just some of the questions which have been posed and which the Committee hope to answer at this Conference.

The themes for the Conference were:

  • Laboratory and Field Measurement and Analysis
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Process, Measurement and Control Equipment
  • Production Chemistry



Numerical experiments of two-phase flow in pipelines with a two-fluid compressible model
P Loilier, C Omgba-Essama, C Thompson, Cranfield University, UK

Three phases flow in complex terrain
S Decarre, P Pagnier, Institut Francais du Pétrole, France

Investigation of three-phase gas-crude oil-water flow in inclined pipes
G Elseth, H Kvandal, Hydro, Norway; R Hanssen, P Duchet-Suchaux, Total, Norway

An experimental method for the prediction of slug-churn transition in two-phase flow based upon drift-flux model
V C Samaras, D P Margaris, University of Patras, Greece

Two-fluid model based relationships for gas-liquid centrifugal pumping analysis
V Estevam, Petrobras/E & P Corp, Brazil; F A Franca, Unicamp - FEM, Brazil; F J S Alhanati, C-FER Technologies, Canada

Multiphase pumps in Africa - a new challenge
R Maurischat, Leistritz Pumpen GmbH, Germany

PETROBRAS experience on offshore multiphase pumping
F R Torres, A Silva Jr, E F Caetano

Multiphase pumping for high gas contents and slug flow
Th. Vauth, T Rausch, D Mewes, University of Hannover, Germany; M Reichwage, Bournemann Pumps, Germany

Pressure drop and heat transfer coefficients in narrow rotating annular clearances of twin-screw multiphase pumps
C Y Nakashima, S de Oliveira Jr, University of São Paulo, Brazil; E F Caetano, PETROBRAS

Brazil Intelligent control - increasing the uptime of multiphase boosting systems
D Müller-Link, G Rohlfing, A Jäschke, M Reichwage, Joh Heinr Bornemann GmbH, Germany


Distribution of sand particles in horizontal and vertical annular multiphase flow in pipes and the effects on sand erosion
B S McLaury, S A Shirazi, Q H Mazumder, V Viswanathan, University of Tulsa, USA; G Santos, Ecopetrol, Colombia

Measurement of sand velocity and hold-up distributions in multiphase slug flow using digital image analysis techniques
O O Bello, K M Reinicke, C Teodoriu, Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany


Investigation of bit hydraulics for gasified drilling fluids
H A Dogan, I H Gucuyener, Turkish Petroleum Co., Turkey; E Ozbayoglu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Flow of concentrated oil-water dispersion through a restriction
C Dalmazzone, C Noïk, Institut Francais du Pétrole, France; S Galinat, O Masbernat, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, France; P Guiraud, INSA, France


Long slugs in pipelines: experiments and slug tracking modelling
O Kristiansen, G Chupin, P Klebert, O J Nydal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Mechanistic/probabilistic modelling of slug initiation in a lower elbow of a hilly-terrain pipeline
E Al-Safran, Kuwait University, Kuwait; C Sarica, H-Q Zhang, J P Brill, University of Tulsa, USA

Computer prediction of slug flow in pipelines: potential for industrial applications
R I Issa, Imerpial College, UK

Severe slugging, field measurement, modelling and field verification
S F Kashou, ChevronTexaco Energy Technology Company, USA; R H Shea, Scandpower Petroleum Technology Inc., USA

The bubble breaker: breaking up slug flow into dispersed bubbly flow using a passive mechanical device
E Schrama, R Fernandes, Shell, The Netherlands

Extended slug control for pipeline-riser systems
E Storkaas, Norwegian University of Science and Engineering, Norway; J-M Godhavn, Statoil R & D, Norway

Slug reduction with high by-pass pigs - a mature technology
H L Wu, Wu Flow Consultancy bv, The Netherlands; G van Spronsen, Shell Global Solutions International bv, The Netherlands


Measuring wet-gas flow rate through the V-Cone with neural nets
H Toral, S Cai, Petroleum Software Ltd, UK; R Steven, R Peters, McCrometer, UK

Coriolis meter in two phase flows
H Yeung, Cranfield University, UK; M Henry, M Tombs, Oxford University, UK

On-line EM wave sensor for water fraction metering
S R Wylie, A Shaw, A I Al-Shamma'a, The University of Liverpool, UK

Physical approach of volumetric phase estimation based on mixture laws for multiphase flows
B Yohan, C Michel, Institut Francais du Pétrole, France

Liquid accumulation in gas condensate pipelines measured by use of tracer techniques
T Sira, P Borg, H J T Togersen, Ø Dugstad, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; G Flaten, B H Pettersen, O Urdahl, A Ø Hildrum, Statoil ASA, Norway; H Holm, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

Use of online PVT package on Sigyn Vest for converting meter flowrates to export conditions
H Sørensen, Calsep A/S, Denmark; B F Sømme, Statoil ASA, Norway

Non-invasive technique of clamp-on transit time ultrasonic and conductivity sensors for gas/liquid flow measurements in horizontal pipes under slug flow conditions
S Al-lababidi, M L Sanderson, Cranfield University, UK


Simulation of wavy stratified two-phase flow using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
K Holmås, J Nossen, D Mortensen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; R Schulkes, H P Langtangen, University of Oslo, Norway

Field tests and analysis of hydrodynamic slugging in multiphase crude oil flow lines
A Valle, O H Utvik, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

Simulation of multiphase flows in Indonesian pipelines: comparison of TACITE and OLGA results
T M Irfansyah, B Widyoko, G Gunarwan, D Lopez, Total E&P, Indonesia LEDA: the next multiphase flow performance simulator 477 T J Danielson, K M Bansal, Conocophillips, USA; R Hanssen, Total, Norway; E Leporcher, Total, France


Response surface models for hydrate prediction: deterministic and probabilistic applications
D Averbuch, M Gainville, A Pierchon, J-P Dejean, IFP, France

Hydrate slurry flow modelling
S Nuland, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; M Tande, Norsk Hydro Research, Norway

Model of hydrates agglomeration - application to hydrates formation in an acidic crude oil
T Palermo, A Fidel-Dufour, P Maurel, Institut Français du Pétrole, France; J L Peytavy, C Hurtevent, Total, France

Modelling of hydrate growth and initiation in multiphase pipelines
A R Wiliams, C Cooper, Advantica Limited, UK


Review of technologies for laboratory measurements of asphaltene and wax precipitation
N Joshi, J Nighswander, Schlumberger, USA

Effect of drag reducing polymer on annular flow patterns of air and water in a small horizontal pipeline
A Al-Sarkhi, E Abu-Nada, Hashemite University, Jordan

Drag reduction in an offshore multiphase pipeline
H Kvandal, O H Utvik, Norsk Hyrdro ASA, Norway

Pipeline restart of waxy crude for Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company, GNPOC (Sudan)
Z Yusof, C C Min, D Sharma, Petronas Research & Scientific Services, Malaysia; Z Baoili, S Krishna, R A Elmutalib, Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company, Sudan


Analysis of the influence of bubble size and texture on foam characterization
M Evren Ozbayoglu, S Akin, Middle East Technical University, Turkey; T Eren, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Turkey

Predictive model for critical wave amplitude at the onset of entrainment in oil-water flow
T Al-Wahaibi, P Angeli, University College London, UK

A comparison between experimental and continuous theoretical roll waves in horizontal and slightly inclined pipes at high pressure
G W Johnson, J Nossen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; A F Bertelsen, University of Oslo, Norway

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