5th North American Conference on
Multiphase Technology

Banff, Canada: 31 May - 2 June 2006


    In collaboration with Neotechnology Consultants of Calgary, Canada, and Tulsa University Fluid Flow Program, the Multiphase Conference brought together experts from across the American Continents and Worldwide. BHR Group has been running Multiphase conferences in Europe for almost 25 years and has seen the Technology develop from its theoretical beginnings to its current maturity where it now offers a practical technological solution for many transportation problems. The developments, which have taken place in the oil and gas industry using multiphase solutions, have enabled the industry to improve its production performance, extend its operations and address previously insoluble problems. The lessons learnt, the modelling techniques developed and the practical experiences of its users will be of value to engineers in a range of industries including oil and gas, process, chemicals, mining, water and power industries.

    BHR Group's Conference has been the premier international event providing delegates with the opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative solutions and to explore technology transfer between industries. Its technical quality makes this event an essential diary date for all engineers concerned with any aspect of multiphase technology.

    Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.


    Stratified gas-liquid-solid flow modelling - application to hydrate slurry flow
    O C Hernandez, M Volk, E Dellecase, C Sarica, J P Brill, The University of Tulsa, USA; N D McMullen, BP America Inc, USA

    Reduced chemical injection strategy for hydrate control of subsea templates and spools
    K Kinnari, C Labes-Carrier, Statoil ASA, Norway; E Habetinova, E Straume, SINTEF Petroleum Research, Norway; K Hjarbo, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway

    Hydrate formation and plugging tendencies in crude oil systems
    E Dellecase, J Ivanic, O Hernandez, S Duplat, J D Alaña, M Volk, The University of Tulsa, USA; N McMullen, BP America Inc., USA

    Investigation of single-phase paraffin deposition characteristics of a medium-high viscosity Gulf of Mexico oil
    J D Alaña, Scandpower Petroleum Technology Inc, USA; H Hensley, Independent Consultant, USA; C Sarica, E Dellecase, J P Brill, M Volk, The University of Tulsa, USA


    Performance and application range of multiphase twin-screw pumps with declining pitch
    A Scharf, T Rausch, Th Vauth, G Aleksieva, D Mewes, University of Hannover, Germany; M Reichwage, G Rohlfing, Bornemann Pumps, Germany

    Influence of the patterns of liquid-gas flows on multiphase-pumping of radial centrifugal pumps
    D Thum, D-H Hellmann, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany; M Sauer, Ramitek GmbH, Germany

    Virtual metering system for oil and gas fields monitoring: design, implementation and applications
    V Faluomi, E Dellarole, M Bonuccelli, L Antico, TEA Group, Italy


    ESD incident evaluation of a crude oil pipeline
    I Pothof, R Lemmens, WL | Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands; K Pedersen, Denmark

    On the conditions for the occurrence of gravity driven two-phase flow in pipes
    J N Tilton, J A Garcia, DuPont Engineering Research and Technology, USA

    Liquid accumulation in a rich-gas pipeline
    O J Rinde, R&D Foundation Polytec, Norway; F Nygård, L Hagasæther, K Lunde, Statoil ASA, Norway; W Postvoll, Gassco AS, Norway


    Pressure recovery of an air-water annular flow through a straight-walled diffuser
    L Brenne, T Bjørge, Statoil ASA, Norway; L E Bakken, NTNU, Norway

    Interaction phenomena of two gas/liquid flows combing at a T-junction
    V Belegratis, B J Azzopardi, University of Nottingham, UK; Y Ladam, SINTEF Petroleum Research, Norway


    Multiphase design as based on production system dynamics
    K Bruer, Polytec R&D Foundation, Norway; E Aarebrot, K Lunde, Statoil ASA, Norway

    Verification of thermohydraulic conditions for a North Sea flowline
    E Egner, M Nordsveen, Scandpower Petroleum Technology AS, Norway

    Advanced warning system improves operabiity of subsea production systems
    R Gudimetla, A Carroll, F Saidi, BP America Inc, USA; C Christiansen, K Havre, J Canon, Scandpower Petroleum Technology Inc, USA


    Stability analysis of slightly-inclined stratified oil-water flow, including the distribution coefficients and the cross-section curvature O M H Rodriguez, University of São Paulo, Brazil; R F Mudde, R V A Oliemans, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    A model for determining the liquid flow rates from the pressure drop and hold-up in oil-water flows
    M Hadžiabdic, R V A Oliemans, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


    Gas-liquid cylindrical cyclones (GLCC) assuring liquid presence ona sub sea multiphase pumping system
    C H Campen, Curtis Wright - EMD, USA; E F Caetano, C A Capela Moraes, R da Fonseca Jr, PETROBRAS, Brazil


    The use of a novel pipe device to reduce severe slugging in pipeline-riser systems
    A G Adedigba, O Badr, H Yeung, Cranfield University, UK; R Waring, C Caro, Heliswirl Ltd, UK

    Severe slugging prediction for gas-oil-water flow in pipeline-riser systems
    C Beltrán, Scandpower Petroleum Technology Inc, USA; C Sarica, H-Q Zang, The University of Tulsa, USA

    The importance of downstream conditions on riser behaviour
    H Yeung, Y Cao, A G Adedigba, Cranfield University, UK

    Separator pressure fluctuation effect on terrain slugging in a hilly-terraintwo-phase flow pipeline
    E Al-Safran, Kuwait University, Kuwait; C Sarica, The University of Tulsa, USA


    Prediction of phase inversion in turbulent oil-water dispersions based on coalescence and break-up processes
    C Avila, L Gomez, R Mohan, O Shoham, University of Tulsa, USA; G Kouba, Chevron, USA

    Estimation of foam stability properties using image processing and artificial neural networks
    H Strauss, Freiberg Univeristy of Mining and Technology, Germany; M A Ozbayoglu,TOBB - The University of Economics and Technology, Turkey; E M Ozbayoglu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

    Pressure drop measurements during phase inversion in an oil-water flow through a horizontal pipe loop
    K Piela, R Delfos, G Ooms, J Westerweel, R V A Oliemans, R Mudde, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


    Conservative incompressible slug tracking model for gas-liquid flow in a pipe
    P M Ujang, C J Lawrence, G F Hewitt, Imperial College London, UK

    Transient multiphase flows: appropriate tools depend on flows complexity
    B Yudistira, Z Hatmanda, M Pramudito, A Audrey, D Lopez, TOTAL E&P Indonésie, Indonesia

    Dynamic simulation of sand transport in pipeline
    Z L Yang, H Laux, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway; Y Ladam, SINTEF Petroleum Research, Norway; T Danielson, ConocoPhillips, USA; E Leporcher, TOTAL, France; A L Martins, PETROBRAS, Brazil

    Pressure drop in water-assisted three-phase flow of heavy oil and gas in a vertical pipe
    A C Bannwart, F F Vieira, F E Trevisan, UNICAMP, Brazil; O M H Rodriguez, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; C H M de Carvalho, PETROBRAS - CENPES, Brazil


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