8th International Conference
Multiphase '97
How deep? How far? How Soon?

Cannes, France: 18-20 June 1997

Multiphase exploitation of marginal and deepwater oil reserves had long been needed. Significant research is leading to improved understanding of this beneficial technology and for 14 years this Conference has followed the development of multiphase technology reporting how industry's needs have influenced it. From research to products, it brought together people who shape the way the technology is developed or who want to understand what it offers, by providing a unique forum for exchanging ideas and information.


The Conference Proceedings can be purchased from: Mrs Marian Rolfe. For more information on future events in this series, please see our Events List or contact Mrs. Catriona Rolfe. The proceedings containing the following papers.



Dr A Burns, Chairman of the Multiphase Conference Committee

Opening Address

Mr A Quesnoit Deputy Director, Production, Elf Aquitaine Group

2-phase Operations

Transient two-phase flow simulation of Malaysian gas condensate pipelines
M S Ayob, N M Yusoff, A Ismail, Z Yusof, Petronas Research and Scientific Services, Malaysia
A Comparison of ConOLGA with Field Data from a Gas Condensate Pipeline
D Erickson, Multiphase Solutions Inc; T Danielson, Conoco Inc, USA

2-phase Experimental

Pressure drop in horizontal wells: multi-phase flow with radial inflow
R Schulkes, O H Utvik, T Rinde, Norsk Hydro, Norway
The measurement and prediction of multiphase flow phenomena in a pipeline dip
P D Molyneux, A R Tait, British Gas,UK
A segregated flow model to predict water layer thickness in oil/water flows in horizontal and slightly inclined pipelines
D Vedapuri, D Bessette, W P Jepson, Ohio University, USA
Slug flow in pipelines: recent advances and future developments
P Grenier, J Fabre, J R Fagundes Netto, Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse; M Bernicot, TOTAL, France

Nasties I

Mobility of solids in multiphase undulating pipeflow
J R Tippetts, G H Priestman, University of Sheffield, UK
An improved thermodynamic model for wax precipitation: experimental foundation and application to a field case
H P Rønningsen, B F Sømme, Statoil, Norway; K S Pedersen, Calsep, Denmark

Boosting & Separation

Development & Evaluation of a Multiphase Pumping System
A Wild, K Mirza, Moyno Industrial Products, USA
Evaluation of the dynamic flow behaviour for the Petroboost system
G Flaten, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; G C Nunes, S Assayag, PETROBRAS, Brazil
Multiphase pumps operability in petroleum applications
R M Ramberg, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, L E Bakken, STATOIL, Norway

3-phase Experimental

Keynote Speech
Gas-Liquid-Liquid-Flow: A phase too far?
Professor G Hewitt, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College of Science and Technology, and Medicine, Long, UK

Flow patterns in three-phase flows of oil, water and gas
A R W Hall, National Engineering Laboratory, UK
OLGA and WOLGA Dynamic Codes Validation with Trecate Test Loop Three Phase Transient Data
A Mazzoni, AGIP spa, M Bonuccelli, CPR/TEA, Italy
Dynamic simulations of multiphase flow in flowline bundles on Åsgard
A Haerdig, R Moe, Aker Engineering A/S; G Saether, Saga Petroleum A/S, Norway

Boosting & Separation

Field Testing and Applications of Wellcom System Using Jet Pump Technology
M M Sarshar, W L Loh, N A Beg, CALTEC, UK; M Villa, AGIP spa, Italy
Venezuelan experience in multiphase pumping and metering technologies heavy oil, field applications present and future
J Colmenares, E Guevara, INTEVEP SA; R Gonzalez, CORPOVEN SA, Venezuela
Performance of Three-phase Gravity Separators for Floating Production
E W M Hansen, SINTEF Energi, Norway


Detailed Measurements of Slug Flow Behaviour in Inclined Multiphase Flow
O Lunde, SINTEF, A Valle, Norsk Hydro; I M Malvik, Statoil as, Norway
Field tests of the AT-2000 Multiphase Flowmeter: Final Results
P Andreussi, G Campastro, P Ciandri, C Talarico, TEA; A Mazzoni, AGIP spa, Italy
The Mixmeter Flowmeter - Another step towards Routine Multiphase Flow Measurement?
G F Hewitt, G L Shires, Imperial College; P S Harrison, Imperial College Consultants, S J Parry, Centre for Analytical Research in the Environment, (CARE), Imperial College, Ascot, UK

2-phase Experimental

Visualization of the phase distribution in two-phase slug flow by conductive tomography
N Reinecke, G Petritsch, D Mewes, Universität Hannover, Germany
Experimental investigations of flowrate transients in horizontal pipes
M J S King, C P Hale, S A Fisher, C J Lawrence, M A Mendes-Tatsis, G F Hewitt, Imperial College; I F Roberts, AEA Technology, UK
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Transitional Gas-Liquid Pipe Flow Through a Vertical Bend
H J W M Legius, H E A Van den Akker, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Large Scale Experiments of Non-Newtonian Two-Phase Flow in Horizontal Annuli with Relevance to Well Control in Horizontal Wells
R Rommetveit, R W Time, K S Bjørkevoll, RF-Rogaland Research, Norway

3-phase Operations

Operational experiences from Multiphase Transfer at Troll
S Klemp, E Hustvedt, B Meland, Statoil; O Østby, Fantoft Process, Norway
Simulation study and field measurement for mitigation of slugging problem in The Hudson Transportation Lines
Z G Xu, Scandpower A/S; J Rambaek, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway; A Hall, National Engineering Lab; P Gayton, Amerada Hess Limited, UK

Nasties - ii

Removal of a gas-hydrate plug from a subsea multiphase pipeline in the North Sea
L H Gjertsen, T Austvik, O Urdahl, R Duus, Statoil Norway
The effect of chemicals on flow characteristics in a condensate-water pipeline
T Mannes, O Urdahl, Statoil, Norway
Wall shear stress and mass transfer rates - important parameters in CO2 corrosion
M Nordsveen, M Langsholt, K Lunde, Institute for Energy Technology, J Enerhaug, Statoil Research Centre, Norway; S Nesic, The University of Queensland, Australia
Multiphase transport of waxy crudes: influence of dissolved gases on the Wax Appearance Temperature
V Ruffier-Méray, F Brucy, E Béhar, IFP, France

Poster Papers

Venturi flow meter performance in wet gas flow
H de Leeuw, Shell International E&P, The Netherlands
Alpha Prime & Aesop for Multiphase Systems
D E Appleford, Alpha Thames Engineering Ltd, UK
Sweet corrosion in large diameter, inclined multiphase pipelines
C Kang, J Maley, R Wilkins, W P Jepson, Ohio University, USA
Modeling of multiphase slug flow characteristics and their influence on erosion/corrosion in large
diameter high pressure, horizontal pipelines
V Krishnamurthy, V Parthasarathy, M Gopal, W P Jepson, Ohio University, USA
The Daqing Multiphase Flowmeter Test Facility
Zhou Ming, Guo Liang, Cui Jianhua, Song Chengyi, Yang Fei, Gang Dali, Di Lijun, Daqing Oilfield Construction Design & Research Institute, China

Additional Paper - Measurement

Keynote Speech
Basic principle in multiphase metering - advantages and disadvantages, properties and potentials
E Hammer, G A Johansen, Department of Physics, University of Bergen, Norway


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