1st North American Conference
Multiphase Technology
Technology from the Arctic to the Tropics

Banff, Canada: 10-11 June 1998

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Multiphase for Maximum Production

The economic benefits of multiphase technology for developing marginal and deep water oil fields are long established within the oil industry. Significant research on the subject over the years has created better understanding of this complex technology and led to more effective design of facilities for long distance multiphase transportation as well as the equipment used for pumping, metering and processing.

Making the Move

The present oil price levels and the need to develop smaller and deeper fields should drive the application of multiphase technology even further forward. Yet there is still significant resistance to taking this next step. The uncertainty surrounding the adoption of new technology will only be overcome when multiphase is seen to be the only viable solution to requirements in the field.

The oil industry needs to determine how and when multiphase technology can be employed. To do this, it will have to understand what the technology can achieve, its limitations and how these can be mitigated or overcome.

Understanding the Rewards

Multiphase Technology aims to lead the industry through these first steps by promoting greater understanding of the potential advantages and risks involved. The business, economic and technical rewards are there for those organisations who continue to extend the boundaries of the technology.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available containing the following papers.


G Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants; J Brill, TUFFP

Field Measurements

Multiphase pipeline blowdown simulation and comparison to field data
G Shoup, J J Xiao, Amoco, J O Romma, Scandpower, USA

Measurements of gas-condensate field pressures to determine the phase split across a vertical impacting tee
M D Trick, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd; A C Mogensen, ACM Consulting Ltd, Canada


Vertical Zero Net Liquid Flow: Effects of High Pressure on Holdup
R W Duncan, S L Scott, Louisiana State University, USA

Primary separation of oil-water mixtures, an analysis of plate separators
A M Dahl, A Hallanger, Christian Michelsen Research, H Linga, FRAMO Engineering, Norway; G A Davies, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology, UK

The effect of tubing and choke valve on oil-droplet break-up
M J van der Zande, W M G T van den Broek, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Operational experiences with a gas liquid cyclone
D Kvamsdal, B Christiansen, I Hjelkrem, Kvaerner Process Systems A/S, Norway

The application of power fluidics to level control in multi-phase separators
G H Priestman, J R Tippetts, Chemical & Process Engineering, University of Sheffield; D Dick, BP Exploration, UK

Boosting & Metering

Rotating sealing technology for twin screw pumps used in multiphase production
N Necker, G Klier; D Müller-Link, J-U Brandt, Feodor Burgmann, Germany

A review of the application of jet pump technology in oil and gas industry to increase production
M M Sarshar, N A Beg, Caltec, UK

Sealing Technology - the key to reliable multiphase pumps
R Maurischat, Leistritz AG, Germany


Integration of fluid flow effects within a risk based pipeline integrity management (PIM) process
D Richardson, C McGovern, NeoCorr Engineering Ltd, Canada

Wax deposition in offshore pipeline systems
O B Rygg, Well Flow Dynamics AS; A K Rydahl, Calsep A/S; H P Rønningsen, Statoil A/S, Norway

Direct heating of multiphase flowlines for hydrate control on Åsgard
T Vanvik, Statoil; R Moe, Aker Engineering as, Norway

Prediction of sand erosion in process and pipe components
A Huser, O Kvernvold, Det Norske Veritas, Norway

"If you don't mix it, you don't have to separate it"
H McKinzie, G Graves, L Stuebinger, G Elphinstone, Texaco Inc, USA

Horizontal Wells & Pipes

Wall shear stress and differential pressure in large diameter horizontal multiphase pipelines
L C Maley, W P Jepson, Ohio University, USA

Application of Multiphase flow methods to horizontal underbalanced drilling
S P Smith, G A Gregory, Neotechnology Consultants Ltd; N Munro, Northland Energy Services Inc; M Muqeem, UBD Engineering Inc, Canada

Using the perforation shot density to secure uniform inflow to horizontal wells with multiphase production
B Strand, Norsk Hydro ASA; T Ytrehus, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Transient operations and modelling of multiphase pigging in pipes
P C R Lima, Petrobras SA, Brazil; H Yeung, Cranfield University, UK


Novel design concept and operational enhancements of vessel-type slug catchers for multiphase transfer at the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal
R Price, Conoco (UK)/Kvaerner Process Alliance, UK; C Thomas, Conoco Inc, USA

Understanding and development of a slug hysteresis model for hilly terrain pipelines
N Barratt, T J Hill, M King, BP Exploration, UK

Development of a mechanistic model for the prediction of slug length in horizontal multiphase flow
M Gopal, Ohio University, USA


The modelling of transient three phase flows
M Watson, Consultant, UK

Friction factor modelling in laminar liquid film in stratified two-phase flow in pipes
F Meknassi, R Benkirane, Faculté des Sciences de Fès, Maroc; A Liné, INSAT, Toulouse, France; D Lopez, Elf Production, France

Prediction and measurement of wellhead temperatures
A Aarvik, B Strand, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

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