9th International Conference
Multiphase Technology
Frontier Technology Comes of Age

Cannes, France: Banff, 16-18 June 1999

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The oil and gas industry continues to increase its practical applications for multiphase technology as the concepts becomes more accepted. In particular, the economic benefits for developing marginal and deep water oil fields using multiphase techniques are now established. Current oil price levels and the need to develop these fields should drive the application of multiphase technology even further forward.

The potential advantages of multiphase over conventional techniques, in terms of capital benefits and cost savings, are dramatic. One major oil company recently claimed to have saved $10s of millions simply through the introduction of multiphase metering, recouping their R&D investment in metering on one development alone.

Significant research into the complexities of multiphase technology has led to more effective design of facilities for long distance multiphase transportation and the equipment used for pumping, metering and processing.

Despite the dramatic progress that has been made, challenges remain. For example, deep water, riser motion and low temperature environments are a few which present particular problems and for which new solutions are needed.

Filling the Knowledge Gap

Lack of information and understanding help fuel resistance to progress. This will only be overcome when multiphase is seen as a viable solution to requirements in the field.

Multiphase '99 was designed to provide oil and gas industry managers with the information they need to decide how and when multiphase technology can be best employed. The conference aims to lead the industry through these first steps by promoting greater understanding of the potential advantages and risks involved. The business, economic and technical rewards are there for those organisations who continue to extend the boundaries of the technology.

Co-sponsoring Organisations

BHR Group would like to express its sincere thanks to the Co-sponsors of this Conference. They were:

Institut Franšais du PÚtrole (IFP), France
The Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP), USA

Technical Advisory Committee

Dr A P Burns (Chairman) - Elf UK
Mr T Baxter - Uragaig Ltd
Ms A Cutler - Technology Initiatives Ltd
Mr D Dick - PRIMAS (Oil & Gas) Ltd
Mr P Fairhurst - BP Amoco Exploration
Mr A Hunt - Independent Consultant
Mr G McNulty - BHR Group Limited

International Members

Mr I Brandt - Scandpower A/S, Norway
Prof J P Brill - TUFFP, USA
Dr E Caetano - Petrobras, Brazil
Mme J Lecourtier - IFP, France
Dr P Fuchs - Statoil, Norway
Dr G Gregory - Neotechnology Consultants Ltd, Canada
Mr P Gramme - Norsk Hydro, Norway
Dr E Guevara - PDVSA E&P, Venezuela
Prof R Oliemans - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Included in the proceedings are the following papers:


Dr A Burns, Elf UK, Chairman of the Multiphase Conference Committee

Opening Address

Mr R Geoffrois, Total SA, France


Dynamic Simulation of Multiphase Pumps
J de Salis, Sulzer Pumps, France, E HeintzÚ, Y Charron, Institut Franšais du PÚtrole, France

Oil Field Development in Western Siberia: A Multiphase Pump Case Study
M A Birnov, J L de Salis, Sulzer Pumps, France, S Korolev, JSC Chernogorneft, Russia

Twin-Screw-Multiphase-Boosting Technology in the 90s - The Decade of Pioneers Part A: Challenges to overcome
G Rohlfing, J-U Brandt, Bornemann Pumps, Germany

Part B: Field Application at SPDC in Nigeria
A C Nwadei, T Stam, O Nwasike, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria

Progressing Cavity Multiphase Pumping System: Expanding the Possibilities
K Z Mirza, Robbins & Myers, USA


Transients in Network Pipelines - Problems Related to Tie-ins Between Already Existing Flowlines and New Ones
A HŠrdig, R Moe, Aker Engineering AS, Norway; S Klemp, J Ravn°y, Statoil, Norway

Predicting, Detecting and Controlling Slugs in Pipeline-Riser Systems
G McNulty, C Wordsworth, BHR Group Limited, I Das, BHR Group Limited/Cranfield University, UK

Characterization of Slug Dissipation in Downward Flow
J P Brill, H Zhang, University of Tulsa; C Sarica, Penn State University; H Yuan, HIS Energy Group, USA

Interfacial Shear Stress in Transient Stratified Two-phase Flow
J Shaha, I G Manolis, G F Hewitt, Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology, Imperial College, UK

Venturi for Severe Slug Elimination
A R Almeida, M de A Lima Gonšalves, PETROBRAS Research and Development Center, Brazil

Flow 1

Keynote Speech:
Long-distance Multiphase Tie-backs - What do we need to proceed?
A P Hunt, Independent Consultant, UK

An Experimental Comparison Between a Recombined Hydrocarbon - Water Fluid and a Model Fluid System in Three Phase Pipe Flow
T Rinde, A Valle, O H Utvik, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

The Effect of Surfactants on Flow Characteristics in Oil/Water Flows in Large Diameter Horizontal Pipelines
H Shi, J Y Cai, W P Jepson, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ohio University, USA

Modelling of Steady Gas-Liquid-Solid Three Phase Flow with Application to Oil Well Drilling
A M Kamp, M Rivero, PDVSA Intevep, Venezuela; Y Sharma, T Yonezawa, Japan National Oil Corporation, Japan

Nasties 1

Investigation of Multiphase Flow Paraffin Deposition
M Apte, B Matzain, M Volk, J Brill, University of Tulsa; E Delle Case, Elf, J Creek, Chevron, USA

Wax Depostion Testing in Multiphase Loop of Solaize
P Maurel, V Ruffier-MÚray, F Brucy, Y Lagrange, Institut Franšais du PÚtrole, France; I Forsdyke, BP, UK

Predicting Corrosion Damage Patterns using Slugtracking
S A Wong, Multiphase Solutions Inc, USA

Implementation of Co2 Corrosion Models in the OLGA Three Phase Flow Code
M Nordsveen, Studsvik Scandpower AS/Institute for Energy Technology; R Nyborg, Institute for Energy Technology; L Hovden Scandpower A/S, Norway


Keynote Speech:
Extending the Domain of Application of Multiphase Technology
Mr S Klemp, Statoil, Norway

A Wet Gas Meter for Gas/Condensate Flow Measurement
J S Lund, A R Tait, BG Technology, BG plc, S Clark, ISA Controls Ltd, UK

Mixmeter - the Final Steps
P S Harrison, Melverley Consultants, G L Shires, Imperial College; S J Parry, Imperial College (CARE); UK


Pig Velocity Control - Method, Simulations and Field Measurements
B Meland, E Hustvedt Statoil R&D, W Postvoll, Statoil TPK, Norway

By-Pass Pigs for Liquid Management in a Two-Phase Flow Pipeline
H L Wu, Wu Flow Consultancy bv; E B Mol, R P Starsmore, Wintershall Noordzee bv; A J C de Bont, M S Al-Mughairy, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij bv, The Netherlands

Pigging Operation: Measurement and Simulation
L Coadou, E HeintzÚ, V Henriot, C Pauchon, D Ferre, Institut Franšais du PÚtrole, France; P Duchet-Suchaux, Total, France; K Gummuluri, Simulations Sciences Inc, USA

Modelling of Multiphase Pigging Operations
H Yeung, J Montgomery, Cranfield University, UK; P C R Lima, Petrobras SA, Brazil

Flow 2

Keynote Speech:
Multiphase Production - New Frontiers and Challenges
D Brookes, BP Amoco Exploration, UK

Enhancing Multiphase Flowline Monitoring and Diganostics Using Data Fusion and Simulation Techniques
M Annunziato, I Bertini, R Brushci, S Lopez, S Pizzuti, ENEA, Italy; C Alimonti, University of Rome, Italy; A Mazzoni, M Piantanida, ENI-AGIP E&P, Italy; R Busnelli, Gammatom, Italy

A New Vertical-Up Two-Phase flow Pattern Map Based on Dimensional Analysis
G Wang, C Y Ching, J J Sharp, J Hiscock, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; A R W Hall, National Engineering Laboratory, UK

Pressure Pulses in Multiphase Wells: Offshore Testing and Modeling
K Falk, J S Gudmundsson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Process Behavior Optimization Using Sensors Fusion and Trajectories Techniques: An Application for Controlling and Optimizing Oil Production Wells
A Zambrano, M Vazquez, A Suarez, H Aponte, PDVSA Services; E Guevara, PDVSA E&P, Venezuela


Heat Transfer in a Porous Insulation Medium in a Subsea Bundled Pipeline
G Zheng, N Burke, D Cai, A Verret, Texaco Inc., USA ; N Prescott, R Perera, Kvaerner R J Brown, USA

The Hydrate Control Strategy for the ┼sgard Field and Hydrate plug Melting using the Bundle Heating Method
K P L°ken, Statoil ┼sg UTB TSE; X Li, T Austvik, Statoil Research Centre, Norway


An Experimental Study of Multiphase Flow with Radial Inflow
R M S M Schulkes, R B SchŘller, J S Munaweera, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway


A Novel Separator Inlet Design
P J Nilsen, ABB Corporate Research; K Haugen, ABB Offshore Systems; M Lingelem, B Strand, Norsk Hydro; R Sandberg, Det Norske Veritas, Norway

A Study on Sedimentation using the Drop Video Monitoring System in the Crude Oil-Water Separation Process
K Panoussopoulos, Helios Consulting, Switzerland; L Haugen, T S°ntvedt, Norsk Hydro AS, Norway

A Novel Recycle Axial Flow Cyclone with Strongly Improved Characteristics for High Pressure and High Throughput Operation
D. Stanbridge, R. Swanborn, CDS ENGINEERING; Z. Olujic, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Nasties 2

Investigation of Hydrates Formation and Hydrates Transportation With and Without Dispersant Additives Under Multiphase Flow Conditions
T Palermo, P Maurel, Institut Franšais Du PÚtrole, France

Towards Understanding Sand Transport in Subsea Flowlines
P Stevenson, R B Thorpe, Dept Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK

Viscosity of Oil and Water Mixtures
A E Corlett, A R W Hall, National Engineering Laboratory, UK


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