5th International Conference on
Process Intensification for the Chemical Industry

Maastricht, The Netherlands: 13-15 October 2003

Proceedings from this Conference are available as a bound volume from Mrs. Marian Rolfe, BHR Group. For further information about future conferences in this series, please see our Events List or contact:Mrs Catriona Rolfe, Conference Organiser



How to do PI - what we can learn from applications to processes
H van den Berg, Universities of Twente and Gent and also Chairman of Novem, The Netherlands

Process intensification in an integrated urea-melamine process
T T Tjioe, R G J Willems,, DSM, The Netherlands

An interpretation of the Altam caprolactam production process using the conceptual design methodology
K Koop, B Kiewiet, H van den Berg, A G J van der Ham, University of Twente, The Netherlands


In-line processing for intensifying multi-phase contacting operations
A M Al Taweel, M El-Ali, F Azizi, H G Gomaa, B Liekens, Dalhousie University, Canada; D Odedra, Bayer Inc, Canada; A Uppal, Imperial Oil, Canada

High performance gas/liquid ejector technology for intensified oxidation processes
P H M R Cramers, J E Juvet, Davy Process Technology AG, Switzerland

Debottlenecking the route to process intensification
J Middleton, R Jackson, BHR Group, UK

Dynamic spargers: a novel approach to intensifying gas/liquid contacting operations
A M Al Taweel, Dalhousie University, Canada, J J Luo, New Jersey Centre for Engineered Particulates, USA, D Wang, Dalian University of Chemical Technology, China

Smart gas-liquid-solid contacting for process intensification
M Kreutzer, F Kapteijn, J Moulijn, Delft University, The Netherlands


Modular microreaction platform for process development and production
W Ehrfeld, U Ehrfeld, T Bieber, F Herbstritt, O Koch, M Kroschel, T Merkel, C Raffa, A Salmon, F Schael, T Schwank, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnick AG, Germany

High-throughput experimentation with a micromixer based, automated serial screening apparatus for multiphasic fluid reactions
H Pennemann, V Hessel, H-J Kost, H Löwe, Institut for Mikrotechnick Mainz GmbH, Germany, C de Bellefoon, N Pestre, T Lamouille, P Grenouillet, Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Catalytiques, France


Industrially viable configurations for a heat intergrated distillation column
L Sun, Z Olujic, A de Rijke, P J Jansens, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Membrane gas/liquid contractors
O Falk-Pederson, M S Grønveld, P Nøkleby, Kvaerner Process Systems, Norway; K Bac, Aker Kvaerner, The Netherlands

PI thinking applied to natural gas treating
D Eimer, Norsk Hydro Oil & Energy Research Centre, Norway


Drivers for process intensification
E Hutchinson, Environmental Engineering Manager GlaxoSmithKline, UK

An overview of opportunities at the interface between process intensification and nanotechnology
N F Glen, NEL, Scotland; J R Howarth, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scotland

Process Intensification: Bigger profits, yes - but don't forget safety!
J C Etchells, HSE, UK

The CHEEC Project - CHeap Energy efficient Ethylene Cracker
A Gottschalk, P Hinderink, G Schembecker, Process Design Centre B V, Germany; P Frenken, T Hubbers, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals B V, The Netherlands, H Leunk, M Steijns, DOW Benelux N V, The Netherlands


Intensified flexibility by converting batch production to continuous process operation
G J C Kraaijveld, A K Wemmers, TNO Environment, Energy and Process Innovation, The Netherlands; K Smallenburg, TNO Industry, The Netherlands

Opportunities offered by narrow channel technology for processing industry
R. Jachuck, J. Burns and G. Trippa, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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