3rd International Conference
Process Intensification for the Chemical Industry

Antwerp, Belgium: 25-27 October 1999

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Process Intensification has now come out of the laboratory and is making an impact in the concept and design of process plant for more efficient and cleaner production.

Industry needs manufacturing processes which are cheaper to construct and more economic and flexible to operate. Leading the technological way are many of the world's largest chemical companies, working in conjunction with high-tech engineering contractors and suppliers. Their innovations are fuelled by a stream of novel development projects by key technical centres of excellence in Europe's premier universities and research institutions.



Andrew Green, BHR Group Limited

Whole Process

Design of low-cost chemical plants
J Koolen, retired Dow Benelux, The Netherlands

Enhancement of fine chemical productions
J I Walpot, TNO, The Netherlands

We want less: process intensification by process synthesis methods
G J Harmsen, Shell International Chemicals BV, The Netherlands; A P Hinderink, Process Design Centre BV, The Netherlands


Laboratory protocols for process intensification
M Wood, A Green, BHR Group Limited, UK; J Kay, Cranfield University, UK

The novel use of Oscillatory Flow Reactors (OFR's) for process intensification of batch processes
P Stonestreet, A Djemai, M R Mackley, University of Cambridge, UK

Control system of an intensified gas-liquid reactor
I Turunen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland; H Haario, University of Helsinki, Finland; M Piironen, Kemira Chemicals Oy, Finland

Development of a novel compact chemical reactor - heat exchanger
C Phillips, BHR Group Limited, UK

Flow conditioners and static mixers improve the efficiency of nitric acid plants
G Schneider, Koch-Glitsch AG, Switzerland

PI Taskforce

Process Intensification in the Netherlands, a challenge to cooperate for future constraints
H van den Berg, Wieringa Consultants & Engineers, The Netherlands, and Universities of Twente and Ghent; H N Akse, Novem, The Netherlands

Heat Transfer

Compact heat exchanger innovations come through balanced partnerships
R H Clarke, Cal Gavin Ltd, UK

Flow structure, thermal and hydraulic performances of compact geometries used as integrated heat exchanger-reactor
B Thonon, P Mercier, CEA-Grenoble, France


The intensification of industrial processes using fluidic technology
J Stairmand, J Maude, AEA Technology, UK

Polymer devolatilization and pelletization in a rotating packed bed
C Cummings, G Quarderer, D Tirtowidjojo, The Dow Chemical Company, USA

Enhanced Fields

Using vibrating electrodes for electrochemical processes intensification
H G Gomaa, Chemical Process & Research, Canada; A M Al Taweel, Dalhousie University, Canada; J Landau, University of New Brunswick, Canada

A new route to cavitational chemistry and chemical processing by controlled flow cavitation
W R Moser, T Giang, S Nguyen, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA; O V Kozyuk, Five Star Technologies Ltd, USA

Mass Transfer

Design and application of reflux condensers for vapour mixtures
R Jibb, P Drögemüller, Cal Gavin Ltd, UK

Rotating Process Systems

The evolution of rotating process systems
T L Winnington, Process Kinetics Ltd, UK

Photo initiated polymerisation using spinning disc reactor
J Dalglish, R Jachuck, C Ramshaw, Process Intensification & Innovation Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Reactive stripping in a rotating packed bed for the production of hypochlorous acid
D Trent, D Tirtowidjojo, G Quarderer, The Dow Chemical Company, USA


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