14th International Conference on
Pipeline Protection

Barcelona, Spain: 29-31 October 2001

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group. For further information on future conferences in this series, please see our Events list or contact Mrs Catriona Rolfe, at BHR Group.


Continual advances in the techniques and materials create a constant demand for more information, in order to stay apace with the latest developments. However, with business more than ever driven by the need to remain cost-effective and competitive, technical staff will not achieve maximum benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge without simultaneously understanding the costs and benefits of the latest pipe materials, coatings, jointing techniques, inhibitors, and monitoring and cleaning systems. The need to rationalise international standards also poses a current challenge to those involved in the industry.

This biennial conference was established in 1975, and is now recognised as the premier technical event in its field. As regular attendees will attest, it provides an important meeting place for operators, consultants, contractors, designers, suppliers and researchers to share experiences across a wide range of projects and conditions.


Three layer high density polyethylene exterior pipeline coatings: job references and case histories
J Cox, Dupont Canada Inc., Canada

Performance of Three Layer polyethylene coating on a cross country pipeline - a case study
K K Tandon, G V Swamy, G Saha, Engineers India Limited, India

Development of an alternative approach to the testing of thermal insulation materials for subsea applications
D Haldane, Heriot-Watt University, UK; K H Skrimshaw, KHS Developments, UK

From innovation to success - twenty years 3-layer polyethylene pipe coating systems from BASF
H E P Vogt, K Drochner, Basell Polyolefins GmbH, Germany

Measuring the ability of Dual Powder Systems and Three Layer Polyolefin Coatings to withstand damage
S Edmondson, DuPont Powder, USA

Protective coatings for pre-stressed conrete cylinder pipe
I Tuwagiar, M A Mosmari, S Afran, Al Nahr Company limited, Libya

Asset Management
Securitisation and mutualisation: a UK perspective on two alternative forms of pipeline protection
A Lowdon, H Bell, NuWater Ltd, UK

Pipeline condition assessment and management in the water industry
D Dickson, C Faucherand, Advanced Engineering
Solutions Limited, UK

The use of pipeline mapping & database management technology to improve water pipeline operations
A Fraser, S Daniels, Integrated Statistical Solutions Ltd, UK; A Lowdon, NuWater Ltd, UK

Field Joints
New developments in joint protection systems for polypropylene and polyethylene coated pipelines
A Tathgur, D Tailor, N Gritis, Canusa-CPS, Canada

The definitive Feild Joint - Is there or can there be such a thing?
J Duncan, G Friberg, Thermotite AS, Norway

Stress Analysis of field joints in polypropylene thermal insulatio with finite elements
B Melve, A Daaland, D Ali, Statoil asa, Norway

Non-structural lining of drinking water pipelines using rapid setting polymers
I Robinson, E Wood Limited, UK; G Hopkins, Pipeway Limited, UK; K Jennings, Yorkshire Water Services, UK

Renovation of large diameter pipelines and valves of a 1 200 Ml/d water treatment plant and pumping station. A case study of a renovation project at Zuikerbosch, South Africa
P L Reyneke, Rand Water, South Africa

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic protection of urban water distribution systems
J R Barnes, RBF Consulting, USA; H J Kipps, MACES Inc, USA; T M Doniguian, Dynamic Measures Inc., USA

How to evaluate contractor's good practice for pipeline burial
J Soldevila, PROCAINSA SA, Spain

Built-in cathodic protection of a large prestressed concrete cylinder pipeline
K M Enawaa, S M S Elkoum, Great Man-Made River Authority, Libya; S Alkhedairy, Brown Root NA Ltd, Libya

Demonstration of an integrity monitoring system for flexible risers
C Wordsworth, G McNulty, BHR Group, UK; G Watson, CorrOcean, UK; M O'Sullivan, MCS International, Ireland

Theoretical model of water ingress to pipe coating materials
D Luo, J Franklin, A Wright, Hyperlast, UK

Polyprepylene thermal insulation systems for offshore pipeline applications
C Rydin, L Sjõberg, Borealis AB, Sweden

Pipeline cracking: causes and impact on operations
C J Argent, K Prosser, MACAW Engineering Limited, UK; A Clyne, Pipeline Intergrity International Limited; P Boothy, Adrantica Technoloies Limited, UK

Effects of H2S environment and composition on cracking of pipeline steels in sour service
M Elboujdaini, R W Revie, M T Shehata, CANMET, Materials Technology Laboratory, Canada

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