15th International Conference
Aachen, Germany: 29-31 October 2003

Papers presented at this conference as outlined in the list of contents below are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group. For further information on future conferences in this series, please see our Events list or contact Mrs Catriona Rolfe, at BHR Group.


Pipelines are accepted as the most efficient and safe means of transporting liquids and gases over long distances. Today, ever increasing demands for longer, large diameter onshore pipelines and deeper water pipeline construction offshore see the pipeline protection industry at the forefront of the technology needed to maintain the integrity of these structures.

There are estimated to be approximately 2.5 million kilometres of existing energy pipelines globally. A growing number are suffering severe attrition through corrosion and other sources. The need for constant update of information, provision of best advice and sharing of both good and bad experiences has never been greater.

This Conference is recognised as the premier forum in the field of pipeline protection. It provides for all concerned in the pipeline industry the opportunity to come together to hear presentations on latest developments and to network with operators, designers, contractor and suppliers.

Contents of Proceedings

Keynote Address
Girth weld coating by injection moulding. A new coating system for the Blue Stream Offshore Pipeline
G Mally, K Schmidt, Eupec PipeCoatings GmbH, Germany

Back To Basics-Why?

Has the critical art of surface preparation for pipecoating been forgotten?
C R Bates, Chemetall Plc, UK

Impact of ageing process of three layers extruded polyethylene coatings on their adhesion on pipeline steels
M Meyer, X Campaignolle, Gaz de France, France

Are we protecting our assets?
D Norman, David Norman Corrosion Control, UK

Submarine Pipelines

A new concept for cathodic protection of offshore pipelines to reduce Hydrogen Induced Stress Cracking (HISC) in high strength stainless steel materials
S Eliassen, S Olsen, S B Axelsen, S M. Hesjevik, Statoil, Norway

Long term testing of high temperature thermal insulation for subsea flowlines at simulated seabed conditions
B Melve, Statoil ASA, Norway; C Rydin, Borealis AB, Sweden; A Boye Hansen, Bredero Thermotite, Norway


Modelling the effectiveness of cathodic protection in water mains
Y Kleiner, B Rajani, National Research Council of Canada, Canada

How Total manage pipeline integrity
M Roche, Total SA, France

Managing pipeline integrity: Some lessons for managers
P Hopkins, Penspen Integrity, UK

Multi-Layer Coatings

Use of multi-layer coatings to minimize coating damage
S Edmondson, DuPont Powder Coatings; R Espiner, BP, UK; I Thompson, Advantica, UK

Dual-layer fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings protect pipelines
A Kehr, 3M, USA; M Dabiri, Williams Gas Pipeline; R Hislop, 3M, UK

Dual powder FBE systems for directional drill and high temperature pipelines-field experience
K Varughese, DuPont Powder Coatings, USA

Coatings & Process

Liquid epoxy coatings for today's pipeline coating challenges
J Banach, Speciality Polymer Coatings, Canada

Maintaining the quality of the pipe-end through the coating process
C Verhoeven, Dhatec BV, The Netherlands

Corrosion protection of steel pipe lines using high performance modified bitumen
E A Mulder, M Sørensen, Phoenix International A/S, Denmark

New developments in field applied joint coatings
N Gritis, D Tailor, W Hodgins, Canusa CPS, Canada

Internal Coatings

Reducing risks of solid deposition by using internal coating
B Tohidi, R W Burgass, Heriot Watt University, UK; I Robinson, E. Wood Ltd, UK

A cost-effective corrosion barrier for welded joints in plastic-lined pipelines
J Baker, S McIntyre, Boreas Consultants Ltd, UK


Renovation of large diameter pipelines at Rand Water, South Africa: The opportunity: re-engineering of the bulk water supply system on an integrated basis with the planning of new infrastructure. The challenge: sustained system operation to maintain bulk water supplies to cities and other consumers
P Reyneke, Rand Water, South Africa

Polyurethane (PU) & its impact on the rehabilitation programme of South West Water, UK
L Metcalfe, South West Water, UK; I Robinson, E Wood Ltd, UK; I Warren, Ceresconsult, UK; T Poole, Pipeline Polymers Ltd, UK

Recoating a 42" diameter oil pipeline in the Middle East
R John, Tyco Adhesives, UK

A cost effective pipeline recoating solution using hot-applied microcrystalline wax
T Weber, Trenton Corporation, USA

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