16th International Conference on
Pipeline Protection

Paphos, Cyprus: 2 - 4 November 2005

Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.





Managing risk: are your coated pipes fit for purpose?
C Bates, CHEMETALL Plc, UK; D Norman, David Norman Corrosion Control, UK

The use of risk assessment for optimising maintenance expenditure
C J Argent, S Diggory, J Healy, MACAW Engineering Ltd, UK

Innovations in pipe polyolefins
B Turner, Borealis Business Unit Pipe, UK

New developments in high performance coatings
P Singh, S Haberer, N Gritis, Bredero Shaw, Canada; R Worthingham, M Cetiner, TransCanada PipeLines Limited, Canada

Designing for internally coated pipelines
Y Charron, S Duval, Institut Français du Pétrole, France; D Melot, Total E&P, France; S Shaw, AlterEco Offshore Ltd, France; V Alary, Doris Engineering, France


Recent experience with pipeline coating failures
M Roche, D Melot, G Paugam, Total E&P, France

In service pipeline rehabilitation
S Rio, Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A, Argentina; O D'Alberquerque, Tyco Adhesives, Argentina

Liquid coatings provide solutions that protect pipelines from corrosion
J A Kehr, 3M, USA; R Hislop, 3M, UK; P Anzalone, 3M, Italy, A Kataev, 3M, Russia


A review of developments in fusion bond epoxy to meet new challenges
M Wilmott, D Grimshaw, Jotun Powder Coatings, United Arab Emirates

The interest of new hydrophobic epoxy primers for three-layer coatings
G Gaillard, J L Bouliez, BS Coatings, France

Development of a new generation of FBE corrosion coatings
S Edmondson, K Varughese, DuPont Powder Coatings, USA

High temperature pipeline coatings - field joint challenges in remote constructiion
W Hodgins, R Buchanan, Canusa-CPS, Canada


Contribution to a better FBE selection for 3 layer polyolefin coatings
V Sauvant-Moynot, S Duval, J Kittel, X Lefebvre, IFP, France

Corrosion protection of the field joint weld area of three-layer polyethylene coated pipe
K Fogh, B Zbyszewski, ICAT Industries Inc., Canada

Fundamentals of adhesion development and application to three layer PE coatings
A Gerbaulet, F Chopinez, ARKEMA, France


Measuring roughness of blasted steel pipe surfaces: a case study
A Koebsch, Petrobras, Brazil; P H L Campos, Tenaris-Confab, Brazil; G Portesan, Soco-Ril, Argentina; M Gandur, 3M, Brazil; J M V Taves, Soco-Ril, Brazil

Role of phosphoric acid wash and chromate treatment on cathodic disbondment and adhesion properties of fusion bonded epoxy coatings
K Varughese, S Edmondson, DuPont Powder Coatings, USA

FBE Powder Coating Applications, understand the basics, do it more efficient!
E Beuk, Nordson Corporation, The Netherlands

The importance of the hot water immersion test for evaluating the long-term performance of buried pipeline coatings
R John, E Alaerts, Tyco Adhesives CPG, Belgium


Predicting and qualifying the long-term behaviour of polyurethane foam in sub-sea pipe-in-pipe systems
R Freeman, Corus Tubes Energy Business, UK

High performance polypropylene thermal insulation for high temperature and deep water applications
A Boye Hansen, A Jackson, Bredero Shaw Norway AS, Norway

Protecting the Clair pipeline
R Conder, Andrew Palmer & Associates, UK; C Ruthven, BP, Norway; C Nicholson, BP, UK; G Corbett, Independent Corrosion Services Ltd, UK


Managing the investigation and renovation work for a prestressed concrete pipeline: more than a boiling pot!
E Varkevisser, N Lombard, Rand Water, South Africa Polyurethane

(PU) technology and its impact on improving potable water quality for South West Water, UK
L Metcalfe, South West Water, UK

Semi-structural spray lining: A novel rehabilitation technique for drinking water mains
I Robinson, E Wood Ltd, UK; D Brown, Yorkshire Water Services Ltd, UK; P Stockhill, Laing Utilities Ltd, UK

Leak detection in pipeline with use of Cepstrum method
M Taghvaei, S B M Beck, W J Staszewski, University of Sheffield, UK


Monitoring pipelines and oil & gas infrastructure using satellite radar interferometry
M Riedmann, M Haynes, NPA Group, UK


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