12th International Conference on
Pipeline Protection
New Techniques for the Management of the Pipeline Asset
Paris, France: 4-6 November 1997


Tremendous advances have been made in techniques and materials available to protect pipes since the first conference in this series took place in 1975. Throughout its time, the Conference has presented the leading developments taking place in this important field and has enabled operators, consultants, contractors, designers, suppliers and researchers to discuss experiences and applications for the latest technology in a wide range of industries.

Wherever pipelines are used, there is a need to operate existing systems and networks as effectively as possible, and it is essential that the condition of the pipes remains at a satisfactory level. Where pipelines have deteriorated, users need to find the most efficient and cost-effective method of rehabilitation. Where new pipelines are planned, the latest techniques are necessary to ensure optimum installation and performance capabilities. Whether a pipeline is used for the transportation of oil and gas, chemicals, water or other consumables, there is an environmental responsibility which demands safe and reliable operation.

Without an understanding of the costs and benefits of the latest alternative pipe materials, coatings, thermal properties, jointing techniques, inhibitors and monitoring and cleaning systems, technical staff cannot achieve the full benefits gained from the most up-to-date knowledge.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available from Mrs. Marian Rolfe containing the following papers. For more information about future events in this series, please see our Events List or contact Mrs. Babs Astle at BHR Group.

J Duncan, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee


The Hydrotherm pipe-in-pipe system A case study - The Erskine Multiphase Pipeline
S J Welch, British Steel plc, UK; R Inglis, Mentor Project Engineering, UK; D Sanders, Texaco, UK

Dual cure hybrids for high temperature insulation of subsea pipeline
A Wright, J Franklin, Hyperlast Limited, UK

Performance of pipeline insulation systems in arctic conditions
M Alexander, Garneau Inc, Canada; C d'Agostino, Nova Chemicals, Canada

Thermal insulation and protection of pipelines by use of an innovative concrete and foam composite
K E J Miller, Seamark Systems Limited, UK


Weld clad piping
D Neill, Forth Tool & Valve Ltd, UK


The challenge of protecting high temperature subsea pipeline systems
M A Walker, B C Goff, Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd, UK

The Japanese experience and a European challenge Two-layer polyethylene coating system for steel pipes
B Bar-On, Barak Bar-On Marketing and Technology Ltd, Israel; H Shigemoto, Mitsui Petrochemical Industries, Japan; M Matsumoto, W Hinterbauer, Mitsui Petrochemical Industries (Europa) GmbH, Germany

Dual powder FBE system: a new approach in multi-layer systems for underground pipelines
K Varughese, J Bethea, Herberts-O'Brien Inc, USA

Happy Birthday Polypropylene
B Cavalie, Isotub Coating, France

Polyurethane field joint coating for 3-layer polyethylene and polypropylene factory coated linepipe
H J Bogs, A Deléens, HSC Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Polypropylene coating for pipeline: influence of the extrusion process on the predicted coating lifetime
G L Rigosi, G P Guidetti, Montell Italia, Italy

Three layer systems for pipe protection: guidelines for the choice of the adapted system in relation to the evolution of the end user's requirements
D Melot, Elf Atochem, France

Internal Linings/rehabilitation

Trunk mains rehabilitation
P Chantre, Lyonnaise des Eaux, France; J B Pechinot, Municipality of Dijon, France

Refurbishment of water mains with in-situ epoxy lining Part One:
S Kut, E Wood Ltd/COPON International Limited, UK

Part Two: The advances made by Pipeway in developing the control and quality aspects of the epoxy resin coating process
G Hopkins, Pipeway Ltd, UK

Pipeline rehabilitation using Thermopipe
J Boon, T Sergeant, Angus Flexible Pipelines, UK; C Davidson, N Surrey Water Company, UK

Investigation, design and implementation of a novel, innovative trenchless trunk mains rehabilitation solution at Northumbrian Water Limited
C Watson, P Nixon, Northumbrian Water Ltd, UK; S Tilley, Northumbrian Water Group Research Centre, UK

Case Studies in Pipeline Management

Pipe condition assessment modelling - the Severn Trent Water experience
M Kane, Severn Trent Water Limited, UK

Mitigation of risks due to pipeline releases through high performance leak detection systems The DEPIRE Project
G Uguccioni, Snamprogetti SpA, Italy; S Belsito, Consorzio Pisa Ricerche, Italy; J Ham, TNO, The Netherlands; F Ravenscroft, AEA Technology, UK

Cathodic Protection

Measurement techniques related to corrosion of pipelines paralleling electric power transmission lines
F Kajiyama, Y Nakamura, Tokyo Gas Co Ltd, Japan

High current output cathodic protection retrofit on a 6" submarine flowline
W R Jacob, Global Corrosion, UK

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