13th International Conference on
Pipeline Protection
Edinburgh, Scotland: 29 September - 1 October 1999


One of the biggest challenges facing oil, gas and process industry today is how to maintain the safe and economical operation of pipelines beyond their original design life. There have been tremendous advances in the techniques and materials available in recent years, but there is still demand for more information on the latest developments.

Since it was established in 1975, this conference has presented the latest and most important information on developments in pipeline protection. It has enabled operators, consultants, contractors, designers, suppliers and researchers to share experiences across a wide range of industries.

The condition of the pipeline is critical to its continued safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operation. Where deterioration has occurred, rehabilitation is required. For new pipelines, employing the latest techniques helps optimise the installation for economic performance and extended working life.

Technical staff will not achieve maximum benefit from the most up to date knowledge without understanding the costs and benefits of the latest pipe materials, coatings, jointing techniques, inhibitors, and monitoring and cleaning systems.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings can now be purchased from Mrs. Marian Rolfe, BHR Group, containing the following papers. For more information about future events in this series, please see our Events List or contact Mrs. Babs Astle.

J Duncan
Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee


The practicality of installing subsea flowlines with thick insulation coating systems
D Haldane, Heriot-Watt University, UK; J Duncan, Specialist Coating Consultants, UK

Three layer epoxy/polyethylene side extruded pipe coatings for high temperature application
M Alexander, Garneau Inc, Canada

Bendability of thick polypropylene coating
G L Rigosi, G P Guidetti, P Goberti, Montel, Italy

A high performance, damage tolerant fusion bonded epoxy coating
D G Enos, J A Kehr, C R Guilbert, 3M Company, USA

Pipelines without protection
R D Currie, Johnston Pipes Limited

A MDPE system designed for higher performance steel pipe coating
C Dammer, E Fassiau, SOLVAY SA,

Role of top coat systems for fusion bonded epoxy coatings
K Varughese, J D Bethea, DuPont Powder Coatings, USA

Improvement of cathodic disbonding resistance of three layer polyolefin coating for pipelines
H Sato, S Funatsu, H Mimura, H Yasuda, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan

Advanced three layer HDPE system with improved short and long term properties
D Nozahic, Borealis SA, France; L Leiden, Borealis Polymers Oy, Finland

Field joint coating for steel pipe three layers polyolefin coated Case study of application in Western Desert Gas Development Project - Egypt
E Berti, F Culzoni, Socotherm Srl, Italy


The development and introduction of an innovative, cost-effective plastic pipe solution for trenchless operations
A Lowdon, C Reed, S Tilley, Northumbrian Lyonnaise Technology & Research Centre, UK; R Cannon, Essex & Suffolk Water, UK; P Dooner, Fastflow Pipeline Services, UK; D Cano, J Gomez, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Gibraltar

Practical methods for leakage control, detection and location in pressurised systems
D Covas, H Ramos, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal


The effects of temperature, curing and pipe handling upon the cement mortar lining of steel pipes
D D P Trebicki, Rand Water, South Africa

RILSAN7B Polyamide 11 liner for corrosive oil and gas applications
P Dang, M Werth, Elf Atochem SA, France

Internal lining of the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline: a PETROBRAS experience
J M d V Taves, S R Sanandres, J P Quintela, PETROBRAS, Brazil; S R Ferreira, A G Fazanaro, CONFAB, Brazil


A pipeline reliability model incorporating the effects of inspection tool performance
R J Hay, BG Technology, UK

Polyurethane and epoxy coatings for the rehabilitation and repair of pipelines
D Norman, R Swinburne, Metrotect Ltd, UK

In situ epoxy resin lining of potable water mains: a comprehensive approach for process optimisation and product performance assessment
E Autret, C Saisset-Costel, Anjou Recherche, France; A A Khahil, SARP, France; B Diagouraga, Max Perlès and Cie, France; A Boireau, Générale des Eaux, France


The development of thermal insulation systems for deep water subsea pipelines
J F Franklin, A Wright, Hyperlast Limited, UK

Field joint coating for "J-Lay" deepwater pipelay
B C Goff, I S Lancaster, Pipeline Induction Heat Limited, UK

Qualification scheme for direct heated subsea flowlines
A B Hansen, Thermotite, Norway

Protection of the South Arne - Nybro offshore pipeline with respect to trawl interference
P S Frederiksen, L W Andersen, F M Rasmussen, RAMBØLL, Denmark; M Krogh, DANGAS, Denmark

Experimental testing and FEA verification of an alternative gasket (Pikotek) to problematic ring type joints (RTJ) metallic gaskets
J Pernegger, Flexitallic Ltd, UK


Pipelines and well casings protection with high voltage pulses
T M Doniguian, Dynamic Measures Corporation, USA; H J Kipps, Metallurgical & Corrosion Engineering Services, USA

Cathodic protection monitoring and maintenance regimes
M D Allen, G J Corbett, Penspen Limited, UK

Operational experiences with cathodic protection of Statoil's main onshore pipelines - a description of the online monitoring systems
S Eliassen, S M Hesjevik, Statoil, Norway.

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