1st International Conference on
Protecting the Environment in the Process Industry
Rome, Italy: 11-12 May, 1998


The recent Kyoto summit highlighted once again concern over the environmental effects of emissions of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Challenging targets have been set to reduce emissions in the next decade. The summit also helped refocus attention on other types of pollution and the role that producers of potentially harmful emissions can play in controlling and reducing the amounts of gases released into the environment.

The chemical and oil industries have an important role to play in meeting the challenge laid down by the politicians, and have been making significant progress in recent years. Many companies have implemented continuous improvement programmes in conjunction with industrial suppliers such as seal, flange, gasket, packing, pump, valve, pipeline and vessel manufacturers. The result has been not only a reduction in leakage to atmosphere but also in product wastage, leading to real savings in materials and helping to repay some of the capital cost involved. Companies at the forefront of these initiatives are also achieving competitive advantage.

Despite the progress made, process industry can make an even bigger impact by sharing information and experiences and transferring technology from one sector to another. This First International Conference on Protecting the Environment in Process Industry has been devised specifically to address this issue. It is designed to provide process industries with the forum to learn from each other how best to meet and take advantage of the challenge of reducing emissions and leakage.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are now available from Mrs. Marian Rolfe, BHR Group, containing the following papers.

Understanding the Extent of the Problem

Cutting the cost of fugitive emissions
C Shrewsbury, ETSU, UK

Environmental risk analysis for accidental releases in the process industry
Y Malmen, J Tiihonen, Research Scientist, VTT Manufacturing Technology, Finland; N Wessberg, University of Tampere, Finland

Prevention through Better Maintenance

A computer programme for tightness control of bolted gasketed joints
M Ghirlanda, R & D Director, Euroguar SpA/Guarco Industria Srl, Italy

The role of maintenance in controlling fugitive emissions
F Apuzzo, Carrara SpA, Italy

Using New Technology to Improve Performances

An acoustic leak detection tool for water pipelines
P Tscheliesnig, TÜV-Osterreich, Austria; J G McNulty, CALTEC, UK

Leak detection and monitoring control using transient analysis for a better environment
D Covas, H Ramos, A B de Almeida, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Applications of TiO2 photocatalysts to better our environment: approaches in achieving highly efficient reactions and realizing the use of visible light
M Anpo, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Responding to Legislation and Regulatory Demands

The contribution of environmental management systems for the protection of the environment
V d'Incognito, Managing Director, Take Care Srl, Italy

A monitoring system for atmospheric emissions
R Pellegrini, PF Sistemi, Italy

Applying Good Engineering to Improve Performance

An energy improvement programme - ICI Paints, Slough
I Miller, ICI Paints, ICI PLC, UK

Preventing Emissions and Leaks through Valves, Pumps and Seals

Real world testing of cast steel gate and globe valves
M J Webb, Garlock Sealing Technologies, Germany

Wear resistant mechanical seals liquid leakage
Y N Griskin, N Y Griskin, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Reduction of emissions in chemical processes - plastic lined pumps and valves
G Naasner, ITT Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, Germany

Self Regulation - Working Towards Improved Industrial Performance

Leak detection and fugitive emission monitoring experience from the European PVC industry
P Depret, Solvay SA/European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers, Belgium

Abatement strategies for fugitive emissions
P B Joshi, Saudi Designers Engineering Consultants, Saudi Arabia

How to control (fugitive) emissions from metallic bolted flange connections
J A ter Laak, KEMA Sustainable, The Netherlands; F T J Keetman, TNO Institute of Industrial Technology, The Netherlands

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