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For over 40 years since our conferences began, every Technical Conference has been accompanied by a book of bound proceedings. These books are a record of the papers presented and form a set of reference volumes for the future. The Proceedings are available for sale to the general public after the conference has taken place.

BHR Group has also published a number of design guides, textbooks and reference volumes based upon its work in the field of fluid engineering. Internal Flow Systems, the definitive reference book on Fluid Engineering, is the most important of these titles and BHR Conferences are proud to have this volume in its list. All of the BHR Group books, both Conference Proceedings and other books are listed in the BHR Group Book Catalogue.

In addition to this, many of the BHRA/BHR Group series of Technical Reports are available for purchase through our Information Service Manager. The former series of BHR Group Abstract Journals is published by Elsevier Science Publications and is available either from BHR Group as one part of its comprehensive Technical Information Service subscription package or directly from the publishers.

If you are interested in any of the Group's services, please contact any of the staff listed on the website or complete the enquiry form you can find on this site.    

J Alistair R Muir
Director of Information Services

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