3rd International Conference on
Water and Wastewater
Pumping Stations

Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK: April 12-13, 2005

Papers presented at this Conference, as outlined in the contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group Limited.

Designing pumping stations is a complex task that involves input from a wide range of engineering disciplines. Successful design of new stations requires an integrated approach that takes into account such diverse factors as: project definition and delivery; integrated system design; station layout and plant options; and control optimisation. The challenges faced by designers are compounded by the requirement to deliver the improvements within strict financial constraints for project design and for the whole life costing (CAPEX AND OPEX) of the delivered station.

Refurbishment or improvements to existing stations, such as those required under AMP4, are subject to similar financial constraints. However, these projects face additional technical challenges including integration of new plant within existing structures; modified operational regimes; and minimisation of disruption to existing works.

The Water and Wastewater Pumping Station Design conference was founded by BHR Group in 2000 to address these issues. The 3rd Water and Wastewater Pumping Station conference is well set to build upon the success of the earlier conferences. The challenges faced by designers remain as before and an integrated approach to pumping station design is still required. The conference provided an ideal opportunity for sharing of latest ideas, products and techniques. The technical conference, brought together not only specialists with a range of expertise but also the best methods and approaches to pumping station design.



Refurbishment of Blake's lock sewage pumping station:
An exercise in re-engineering
S Whatley, J Shotter, Thames Water Utilities Ltd, UK

Design of Court Road Pumping Station, Lewes CSOs Improvement Scheme,
Lewes, East Sussex, UK
P Booth, R W Walton, Black and Veatch Consulting, UK

Dynamic modelling for pumping station design
A Cowan, KLT Water Engineering Ltd., UK; C J McCaig, Scottish Water, UK

Capex/Opex balance - the case for efficiency
G Smith, B Whetter, Black and Veatch Consulting, UK

Delivery of NWL's AMP3 water and wastewater pumping station sub programme - a teamwork approach
B Dixon, Northumbrian Water Ltd, UK; I Robinson, P Flood, MWH Ltd., UK; I Foster, MWH Contractors, UK

Life Cycle Costing - the integrated approach to asset management
R P F Went, ITT Flygt Ltd, UK

Pumping station design considerations
J Howarth, Pump Centre, UK; S Spence, BHR Group Limited, UK

Capacity reduction caused by air intake at wastewater pumping stations
C L Lubbers, WL Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands; F H L R Clemens, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Self cleaning sewage sumps, by the application of swirling flow
M Lancett, I Skingley, Hidrostal Limited, UK

Integration of CFD analysis in the process of defining pump station geometry
S Zikic, T Svensson, ITT Flygt AB, Sweden

Optimization dispatch of Lianjiang Pumping Station
X Long, J Zhu, M Liu, L Zhou, Wuhan University, China

Case study: Overloaded pump motor
I W M Pothof, I K van Giffen, WL / Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands

Real-time data in asset management and pumping operations
L Reynolds, AEMS Ltd, UK

Design and model testing of a desalination plant intake structure
S Jones, BHR Solutions, UK; G Skivington,P Nicoll, Weir Westgarth Limited, UK; A H Gulamhusein, Kindasa Water Services, Saudi Arabia; K Syed Amir Basha, D Al Taqniya, Saudi Arabia

The novel design and development of the Avonmouth STW intermediate lift pumping station
M R Sinclair, Hydrotec Consultants Ltd, UK; G Tasker, M J Gleeson Group PLC, UK

Typical test procedure for the physical modelling of an intake structure.
Case study of the KEDO Light Water Reactor Project Cooling Water Intake Structure P-H Leruth, Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands; S-M Yi, Korean Power Engineering Company, Inc., Republic of Korea.

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