4th International Conference on

Managing Pipeline Assets in an Evolving Market

York, UK: 28-30 March 2001

Papers presented at this conference, as outlined in the Contents below, are available in a bound volume of proceedings from Mrs Marian Rolfe at BHR Group.

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The fourth Water Pipelines Conference focussed on the issues which 'Change the Game'.

The water industry worldwide is changing rapidly and leading companies in many countries are embracing emerging technologies to remain ahead of the competition. The Technical Committee has sought to bring together contributions from what are called learning organisations - those whose innovative skills, systems and investments are leading the way.



The application of life cycle analysis in urban water systems
L S Burn, S N Tucker, S Maheepala, V G Mitchell, CSIRO BCE, Australia

Incorporation of water quality in a whole life costing approach to distribution network management
M Engelhardt, Centre for Water Systems, School of Engineering, University of Exeter, UK

The impact of UK water industry de-regulation upon the sustainable management and operation of potable water underground infrastructure
A Lowdon, NuH20 Consulting Limited, UK; J Saldarriaga, University of Los Andes, Colombia

Developing competition in the water industry: is access the answer?
N Wills-Johnson, M West, P Koshy, Institute for Research into International Competitiveness, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

The use of integrated network management to deliver an asset management strategy for Fife
S Fraser, East of Scotland Water, UK

A strategic look at trunk main performance
S de Rosa, V Hamilton, Warren Associates (Pipelines) Ltd, UK

A comprehensive approach for controlling coliforms in drinking water distribution systems

R C Lake, K Miller, General Utilities Partnership, UK; M C Besner, M Trépanier, A Rompré, V Gauthier, Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering Department, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada


Analytical assessment of pipeline deterioration
I Bell, A J Robinson, Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited, UK

New methods for defect diagnosis of water pipelines
M Eiswirth, University of Karlsruhe, Germany; L S Burn, CSIRO BCE, Australia

Development of on-line inspection systems for water mains
A Bond, WRc, UK; W Rees, Waterline Services, UK


Assessing the condition of water pipelines
D Dickson, S Brooks, Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited, UK

Optimal scheduling of rehabilitation and inspection/condition assessment in large buried pipes
Y Kleiner, National Research Council of Canada, Canada

How to implement targeted maintenance through serviceability management
P Conroy, R Hurley, WRc Consulting, UK


An acoustic-based system for detecting, locating and sizing leaks in water pipelines
J G McNulty, BHRSolutions, UK

Hydraulic transients used for leakage detection in water distribution systems
D Covas, H Ramos, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Leak detection in pressurised pipes by means of wavelet analysis
M Ferrante, B Brunone, University of Perugia, Italy


Harmonic analysis of pressure signal during transients for leak detection in pressurised pipes
M Ferrante, B Brunone, A G Rossetti, University of Perugia, Italy

GAasset: fast optimisation tool for strategic investment planning in the water industry
I Miller, Ewan Associates Ltd, UK; Z Kapelan, D A Savic, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, UK

WatSup: a demand driven network analysis tool
P M Murray, WatSup Model Systems, UK; M G Murray, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Equitable distribution of water through pipe network under low supply situation
J Chandapillai, R Narayana Iyer, Fluid Control Research Institute, India

Innovative design work of high pressure water conveyance system - a case study
D V Suresh, S Seshagiri Rao, Larsen & Toubro Limited - ECC Division, India


Pressure surge considerations for The Assdada Pump Station, Phase III Great Man-Made River Project
A P Boldy, HYDROSIM Consultants Limited, UK; A Bensreti, Brown & Root North Africa, UK

High Reynolds number transients in a pump rising main. Field tests and numerical modeling
B Brunone, M Ferrante, F Calabresi, University of Perugia, Italy

A statistical technique for comparing simulated and measured pressure surges
I Pothof, WL/Delft Hydraulics, Netherlands; D Stewardson, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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